Tales in Possible

Begin Possible

New Langone MBA students collaborated during Langone Lab: Fall 2013 Orientation and began their journey at NYU Stern.

On September 21-22, incoming Langone MBA students arrived for Langone Lab, a brand new orientation for Stern’s working professional students. Students spent their first two days on campus coming up with innovative solutions to the challenge: “What product or service can increase our capacity to adapt to the rapid changes in our business lives?” Through this innovation activity, Langone MBAs tapped into the broad range of knowledge and practical experience that their classmates brought from many sectors and industries.

“The Langone Lab was a great way to jump start the incoming class and get them to start thinking differently about the world around them. I saw a lot of creativity unleashed over the weekend, and I could tell that the study groups enjoyed collaborating and competing in a way that elevated everyone's ideas,” said alumnus Jerry Melichar (MBA ‘12).

NYU Stern Langone alumnus Steven Fulop, the Mayor of Jersey City, delivered the keynote address at Langone Lab. Mayor Fulop shared his personal journey, from Goldman Sachs to the US Marine Corps after the September 11 attacks to his current civic leadership role. Using examples from his own career, Mayor Fulop encouraged students to consider risk in terms of potential opportunity and not be afraid to follow unexpected turns in life’s path.

“If I look at my journey over the last eight years, … I can point to three different instances—one when I made a turn based on my gut, one based on my intellectual curiosity and one based on my passion in life—that really led me to where I am today,” Mayor Fulop told the crowd.

“More often than not, people travel on the road that they [do] because it’s stable and it’s certain,” he continued. “What I want to share with you is, if there's anything that I've learned since I've left Langone, it's that this country, this state and this city reward those who are willing to make that turn."