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Globalize Possible

The TRIUM program marks its 15th year of enrollment with a then & now look on its global relevancy from Anthony Farwell, a member of TRIUM’s first ever cohort, and current student Thomas Kallenbrunnen.

I am confident that TRIUM with its thought-provoking curriculum and through the interaction with fabulous peers will massively help me to cope with such challenges and to take on broader responsibilities.

“You have to be inquisitive and be open to ideas that will give you a new perspective,” says Thomas Kallenbrunnen, a member of TRIUM’s 15th cohort who arrived at NYU Stern for his second module in January.  Thomas, an economist and Director at Helaba Invest, the asset management division of a German bank, says it was the high-profile reputation of TRIUM and his own intellectual curiosity that drew him to the program. 

Since its inception in 2001, the TRIUM Global Executive MBA Program has continuously attracted the highest quality senior executives from all over the world.  TRIUM was the first mover in global executive-level education, partnering the academic strengths of Stern, HEC Paris and the London School of Economics and Political Science into an integrated program that approached business through a global, geopolitical lens. Fifteen years ago, globalization was starting to change the way people do business, and today, doing business across borders is commonplace.  As Vice Dean of Global and Executive Education Eitan Zemel notes, “Innovation in our curriculum design and delivery has always been a part of TRIUM’s DNA. TRIUM graduates are armed with a broadened view and global network that empower them to create value in a continuously evolving global business landscape.”

Anthony Farwell, who is currently the chairman & founder of three ventures including GovX, Inc., Matcherino, Inc., Barc, Inc., and vice chairman & founder of ClosingCorp, Inc., came from an entrepreneurial background and remembers being in TRIUM’s first class, which included 27 fellow classmates who hailed from 10 countries. “TRIUM was the first truly scaled, global MBA program with the unique approach of offering an integrated curriculum within elite universities with distinguished disciplines in their fields.  The combination of world-renowned faculty from top schools located in major international business centers was uniquely extraordinary,” says Tony.  “I gained a 360 degree worldview on topics ranging from finance and economics to geo-politics, leadership and more,” he says. Like Thomas, Tony also notes his change in perspective after completing the program. “You learn how to think through strategy, with a more global perspective of who you are and how business might be conducted cross-border. It was wholly enlightening.”  

The TRIUM Class of 2017, which is composed of 69 students from 25 countries, carries on the tradition of bringing together business and organizational leaders diverse cultures and backgrounds. Thomas emphasizes that most of the people he has encountered in the program are looking for ways to grow and achieve something on the global stage. “As one grows professionally and personally, leadership challenges become broader, more generalist and take you out of your comfort zone,” says Thomas. “I am confident that TRIUM with its thought-provoking curriculum and through the interaction with fabulous peers will massively help me to cope with such challenges and to take on broader responsibilities.”  As Thomas began his module at Stern, he was looking forward to taking valuation expert Professor Aswath Damodaran’s class.

Looking back over TRIUM’s continued success and legacy, it is clear that the program has left a lasting impact on its graduates.  As Tony notes, “TRIUM is still part of my life. In addition to my professional activities since graduating from the program, I still have relationships with classmates 15+ years later. I enjoy attending reunions, keeping up with fellow alumni and have even have helped to advise on ventures some of my classmates and others who have attended TRIUM have proposed.”

What does the future hold for TRIUM? As Dean Zemel sees it, “We’re just getting started.  As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the need for global, strategic and visionary leaders is only increasing. TRIUM’s graduates are well positioned to lead and tackle 21st century challenges.”