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New Langone MBA students marked the beginning of their Stern journey by attending a Mets game as part of Langone LAB: Fall 2016 Orientation.

Stern provides that advantage of interacting with a diverse set of people from different backgrounds and industries.

“The New York Mets would like to recognize the NYU Stern Langone MBA students. Please direct your attention to these working professional students who've just started their MBA.”

As part of Langone Lab orientation, Stern’s newest group of Langone Part-time MBAs lined up along the Citi Field Warning Track, where a stadium of Mets fans helped celebrate the beginning of their Stern MBA journey. The game marked the culmination of their orientation experience, in which they were welcomed by Dean Peter Henry, Dean of Students Conor Grennan and Stern administrators.

During orientation, students had the opportunity to get to know each other, share why they chose Stern and what they hope to gain from the experience. They reflected on their recent journey as an intersection of their personal and professional lives, a key theme of Langone LAB.

For Shahzeb Farrukh, one important benefit of the Langone MBA program is the strength of its network. “Located in NYC, Stern provides that advantage of interacting with a diverse set of people from different backgrounds and industries.” Fellow student Dan Sorine concurred, likening his new Stern team to his former baseball team, “I always looked up to my coach and learned the importance of an organization that takes you under their wing, and that’s what I felt at Stern.”

The incoming class left with several takeaways from orientation, including Dean Henry’s advice to take advantage of the diversity at Stern and immerse oneself deeply in this community of communities. They also observed firsthand how Stern can serve as a catalyst for forging lasting connections with fellow students, alumni, faculty and administrators for years to come. “Stern provides an instant community,” Laura Maready said. “The connections you build and the opportunities you create are invaluable.”
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From left to right: Kitty Mak, Laura Maready, Dan Sorine, Caroline McTish, Shahzeb Farrukh