Intensive Modules

Intensive modules are exclusively for students in the Langone Part-time MBA program.

Please see the Langone Part-time MBA Program Outline for detailed information regarding Langone Part-time MBA Program Intensive Modules.

Free Course

Students in their final semester of study (the semester in which they earn their 60th credit) may take up to 3 extra credits, free of charge, beyond the 60 credits required to complete the MBA program. 

Students may register for their free course at the end of the add/drop period. Because the free course is not necessary in order to fulfill the MBA program requirements, students are not permitted to register for the free course until all other students have had the opportunity to register for courses they may need to fulfill their MBA Program requirements. 


Full-time MBA Students

Full-time students may add their free course through AIS during the add/drop period. If a Full-time student will exceed the 15 credit maximum for their last semester in order to take the Free Course, they must request approval through the Credit Overload site. Once the overload has been processed, the student may add the course on his or her own. Please note that the credit overload requests will not be processed until the lottery period has ended. All credit overload policies apply.

Dual Degree Students

In order to be eligible for the Free Course, Dual Degree students must be in residence at Stern at the time when they finish their outstanding Stern credits (60 credits, including the joint degree credit reduction). Dual Degree students who finish their Stern credits while in residence at their partner school are not eligible to take the Free Course. If a Dual Degree student attempts to take a Free Course while in residence at his or her partner school, that student will be required to pay for the course.

Langone Part-time MBA Students 

Langone Part-time MBA students may add the free course through AIS during the add/drop period. If a Langone Part-time MBA student will exceed the semester credit maximum in order to take the free course, they must request an Acceleration through the Academic Policy Board. After successfully adding the course, Langone Part-time MBA students must complete the Free Credit Request Form. Once the form is approved, the Bursar will remove the course charges.  Although the charges for the extra course will temporarily show on the student’s account, payment should not be made for these additional charges. However, students must pay the rest of their balance--tuition and fees for all other courses--by the Bursar deadlines.

Free Course Grades

  • Free courses are taken for a letter grade and will figure into a student's GPA.
  • Auditing is not permitted.
  • All grading policies and deadlines apply including drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Courses may be applied towards Specializations.

Free Course Eligibility

Full-time students that have withdrawn from a course may not be eligible for a free course. Although a grade of "W" has no credit value, it is included in attempted credits, the basis by which Stern determines Free Course eligibility. 

All program requirements must be met without using the free course (e.g., the free course may not be used to fulfill a Core requirement)

Course Selection

Stern courses, Study Abroad credits, and Pre-Approved Non-Stern (other NYU Division) courses may be counted toward the free course.


Full-time students pay a flat fee for tuition and the free course is included within this flat fee.

Langone Part-time MBA students pay by point and will be charged tuition and fees for the free course. After the free course is approved, the Bursar will remove the charges.  Although the charges for the free course will temporarily show on the student’s account, payment should not be made for these additional charges. However, students must pay the rest of their balance--tuition and fees for all other courses--by the Bursar deadlines.

Financial Aid

The free course does not advance credit standing necessary for financial aid.  The free course is not required to satisfy the program requirements and, therefore, does not apply to the amount of credits needed per semester to qualify for financial aid.  Please check with the Office of Financial Aid with any questions on qualifying for financial aid in any given semester.

Independent Study

Students may enroll in an independent study if they wish to pursue the study of a subject that is considered to be of merit and is not addressed by any current course offerings. 

Independent studies are intended to allow students to study material not included in current courses at Stern, as a complement to carefully designed MBA program of study.


  • Students wishing to pursue and independent study must create a written proposal of study to be approved by a NYU Stern full-time faculty member. The proposal will then be presented to the department's chair and require his or her written approval.
  • Upon approval by the department chair, the faculty must submit the Independent Study Form to the Office of Records & Registration.
  • To ensure the academic integrity of the independent study, all independent studies must be sponsored by a NYU Stern full-time faculty member.
  • Independent studies may be 1.5 or 3 non-Core credits, depending on the workload. An independent study should have an intellectual load equivalent to that of a conventional course of the same value, as determined by the faculty member.

Important Guidelines

  • Independent studies are for Stern MBA students only.
  • Independent studies are voluntary for both faculty and student.
  • Independent studies should be completed in one semester, like a traditional course, and a grade should be assigned at the completion of the study.
  • Students may not take more than three (3.0) credits of independent study during their MBA program.
  • Independent studies do not involve course credit for the volunteer instructor.
  • Independent studies may not be used to give credit for work experience alone, including paid or unpaid internships.
  • Students are not eligible for independent study in their first semester.
  • Independent studies may only be counted toward elective credit. 

Credit Maximum in a Course Designator

An MBA student is permitted to take a maximum of 24 credits within any departmental course designator regardless of substitutions or whether the courses are being counted toward different specializations. This applies to both the Full-Time and Langone Part-time MBA programs.

For example, students are not permitted to take more than the 24 credits in the FINC (Finance) course designator. If more than the program maximum credits are earned in a single course designator they will not be considered among the 60 credits required to earn the MBA degree.

Swing/interarea courses are counted in the departments by which they are offered as indicated by their course designators.

COR1/COR2 core courses do not count towards the 24 credit limit.

For Langone Part-time MBA students, the Langone Core courses do count towards the 24 credit limit.

Course Faculty Evaluation

Course Faculty Evaluations are administered over a one-week period at the end of each semester or module. Professors may choose to open the CFE for their course either prior to or immediately following the due date of the final deliverable (exam, paper, project, etc.) for the course. Students will receive two emails informing them of the CFE policy, timeline and how to complete the CFE online. Students must pay careful attention to the deadlines of each individual CFE as students will not be permitted to fill out an evaluation after the deadline has passed.

All students must fill out an online Course Faculty Evaluation for each course for which they are registered. CFEs are a critical assessment tool of class and instructor quality that assists students in course selection. Because CFEs are only effective if all students contribute their feedback, grades are withheld from students who do not complete CFEs for one month from the closing of each evaluation period. This policy was recommended and approved by a committee of Stern students and faculty.

The responses to all online evaluations are completely anonymous and confidential. Students may fill out CFEs online through AIS

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