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Please navigate through the tabs to find tutorials on how to use NYU Classes. The features available within the system include:
  1. Assignments - Allows faculty to manage submission, grading, and feedback for student work. Grading takes place within the tool itself, which allows for easy integration with the Gradebook feature.
  2. Forums - Faculty have detailed control over permissions for forums and topics, and are able to to see and grade each student's participation easily.
  3. Gradebook - Items can be automatically linked from the Assignment and Tests & Quizzes tools, as well as from Forums and other features.
  4. Groups - Many NYU Classes tools, such as Announcements, Forums, and Assignments are integraded with Groups. For example, faculty can send announcements, assignments, and assessments to different groups.
  5. Lessons - Pulls content and functionality from other tools and allows faculty to create a structured sequence of tasks for students.
  6. Syllabus - Upload a document, redirect students to a URL, or build a syllabus that incorporates rich media and can be edited easily.
  7. Tests & Quizzes - Create several types of assessments that support high-stakes testing, ungraded assessments, timed tests, feedback, random draws from question pools and much more.

NYU Classes Hands-On Workshops

CITL is partnering with NYU ITS to offer a series of hands-on workshop sessions to introduce you to NYU Classes. Click here to sign up or email us to schedule a workshop for your department or group.


Self-Paced Training Module for Faculty

Click here for a self-paced training module on NYU Classes.

Note: This module was created by NYU ITS. However, Stern faculty should reach out to the Stern IT Helpdesk if they have questions or would like to learn more. Please email helpdesk@stern.nyu.edu or call 212-998-0180 to ask questions or request a consultation.

Building Your Course


nyu classes settings button Customizing Course Tools
  • Enable course tools
  • Re-order tools
  • Show/Hide tools in the navigation menu

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nyu classes groups button Group Management
  • Access Groups
  • Create Groups
  • Add/Remove members of a Group
  • Auto Groups
  • Using Groups with other features in NYU Classes

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nyu classes lessons button Lessons
  • Enable the Lessons tool
  • Create Subpages
  • Add content/functionality to Lessons
  • Structure and sequence Lessons

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nyu classes resources button Resources
  • Access the Resources tool
  • Add files, folders, and links
  • Embed images and video
  • Copy, delete, move, and edit content

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nyu classes syllabus button Syllabus
  • Add a Syllabus item
  • Display an external URL as your Syllabus

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nyu classes announcements button Announcements
  • Use the Announcements tool
  • Automatically create Announcements within the tool

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nyu classes chat button Chat
  • Read, post, and delete messages in the Chat Room

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nyu classes forums button Forums
  • Understand the difference between Forums, Topics, and Threads
  • Create a Forum
  • Add a Topic to a Forum

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nyu classes messages button Sending Emails
  • Use the Messages tool in NYU Classes

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nyu classes assignments button Assignments
  • Create an Assignment
  • View and download student submissions
  • Grade student submissions

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nyu classes tests & quizzes button Tests & Quizzes
  • Access Tests & Quizzes
  • Create an Assessment
  • Assessment settings
  • Assessment grades

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nyu classes gradebook button Gradebook
  • Create categories and items in Gradebook
  • Release individual grades and the course final grade independently
  • Customize the grading schema
  • Import grades from a spreadsheet

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The transition to NYU Classes is now underway. While some schools and departments have already started using NYU Classes, Stern will begin to transition during the Summer 2013 course session. During that time period, select courses will pilot the software. By Fall 2013, all Stern courses will be managed with NYU Classes. The CITL and Stern ITS will offer support to Stern faculty during this transition and will assist with the management of course sites once the transition is complete.

Video: Overview of NYU Classes
This video provides an introduction to NYU Classes and covers the following topics:
  • The NYU Classes interface
  • Structure of course sites
  • Instructor tools
  • Customizing NYU Classes
  • Getting help with NYU Classes


Tools Comparison

NYU Classes offers functionality comparable to that of Blackboard. Compare the capabilities of the two systems within the areas of content management, learning work-flow, communication channels, and administrative tools.
Blackboard NYU Classes
Announcements Announcements Tool
Calendar Schedule Tool
Discussion Board Forums Tool
E-Mail Messages Tool
Assignments Assignments Tool
Grade Center Grade Book
Test Manager
Survey Manager
Pool Manager
Tests and Quizzes Tool
Manage Group Settings > Manage Groups
Manage Course Menu Settings > Edit Tools
Settings > Page Order
Staff Information
Faculty Information
Student Homepage
My Workspace > Profile
Blackboard Content Areas
  • Course Documents
  • Course Information
  • Assignments
  • External Links
NYU Classes Content Tools
  • Lessons
  • Resources Tool
  • Syllabus Tool
  • Web Content Tool
Control Panel
  • List/Modify Users
  • Remove User
  • Roster
Site Info
  • Settings > Add Participants
  • Settings > Edit Class Rosters
  • Settings > Edit Site Information
New in NYU Classes
File Drop
My Profile
My Workspace

Content Examples

Compare and contrast the different functionalities in NYU Classes and NYU Blackboard. The links below will allow you to break apart a standard Blackboard course site and visualize how that same course would look in NYU Classes.

Dr. Tacy Tester teaches CS1000: College Teaching with Technology, a course for graduate students interested in teaching, technology, and communication. In previous semesters, she used NYU Blackboard to store class materials, assignments, and graded student work. Now she is beginning her initial move to NYU Classes. Since Dr. Tester's course incorporates many of the tools available in Blackboard, it may be helpful to explore how to re-organize materials effectively in NYU Classes.

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