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Get Ready for Registration!

Before registration becomes available for the spring and fall semesters, the Office of the Registrar sets an enrollment appointment time for all undergraduate students. Your specific registration time is available to view under the "Enrollment Dates" box on the right side of your Student Center on Albert. (Summer and January term do not require registration appointments, students can register as soon as registration becomes available for those semesters).

Here is a helpful guide of what courses to take this fall based on class year.  
Fall 2017 Registration Guide thumbnail jpg

Check out these helpful registration links (can also be found on the Academics tab in Stern Life): For assistance with Albert registration processes please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s Albert Registration Guide.

Helpful Registration Tips:

Meet with Your Adviser

You are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss your proposed plan of study in advance of your registration appointment time.

During the week leading up to fall course registration and during the week of registration, the Advising Team suspends their regular 30-minute appointment schedule and holds 15-minute appointments to accommodate more students.  You can sign up for these 15-minute appointment using the Advising Appointment System on Albert.

Please also note that for quick questions, you can always come in for a walk-in quick visit appointment which occurs every day, Monday-Friday 3:30-4:45pm - sign-up is at the front desk of the Advising Office on a first-come, first-served basis.

Here are some other ways you can meet with an adviser!
  • Advising on Location (outside of Paulson Auditorium):
    • Tuesday, April 11 12:00-12:45
    • Monday, April 17 12:00-12:45
    • Wednesday, April 26 12:00-12:45

Search for Classes

Use the course search function on Albert to find classes. When viewing the search results, be sure to:

- Write down the class number of each proposed course, as you will need it to register.
- Make a note of courses that also require a permission number to register (see step 6 for more on permission numbers.)
- Read the departmental notes to determine if there are any course prerequisites or registration restrictions.

Be sure to read important pre-registration e-mails from the Advising Office specifying specific courses that you should take based on your class year and/or major or concentration.

New and Featured Courses for Fall 2017

For a full listing of open spring courses along with course descriptions and other important information, see the course index or Albert.

NEW Courses for fall 2017

BPEP-UB 44 Political Economy of Latin America
Prerequisite: ECON-UA 238 (International Economics) or ECON-UB 11 (Economics of Global Business)
Open to both BPE and BS in Business students.
Counts toward:
  • BPE Students: Regional Political Economy requirement 
  • BS Students: Business Economics or Economic Theory concentration 
ECON-UB 240 Global Economic Trends
Prerequisite: ECON-UB 1 (Microeconomics)
Counts toward: Business Economics, Economic Theory or Global Business co-concentration
This course will give students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with some of the most important trends that will affect the global economy during their lifetimes, including migration, aging and population growth. Counts toward Business Economics and Economic Theory concentrations and the Global Business co-concentration.

INFO-UB 51 Risk Management in IT
Counts toward: Computing & Data Science concentration
This course is directed toward both finance and technology oriented students who are interested in understanding how large-scale risk systems need to be evaluated, acquired, architected, and managed. It identifies the business and technical issues, regulatory requirements, and techniques to measure and report risk across an organization or market.

MKTG-UB 24 Arts Marketing
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher
Counts toward: Marketing concentration or BEMT minor
Garner an understanding of the concepts that drive arts marketing, explore the competitive landscape and uncover what leads to a successful arts business and practically apply coursework towards a project of your interest and focus.

MULT-UB 80 Foundations in Fintech
Counts toward: Finance or Computing & Data Science concentration
Foundations of FinTech is the very first FinTech course offered to undergraduates. FinTech is transforming financial activities everywhere, everyday. Cash, payments, lending, investing, and insurance will never be the same. Shape the future, take FinTech.

OPMG-UB 54 Decision Analytics for Sports
Prerequisite: STAT-UB 3 (Regression and Forecasting Models) or STAT-UB 103 (Statistics for Business Control and Regression and Forecasting Models) AND OPMG-UB 1 (Operations Management) or MULT-UB 7 (Decision Models and Analytics)
Counts toward: Operations, Computing & Data Science or Statistics concentration
In recent decades, more and more sports organizations have reached out to the application of advanced management methods, in particular statistical, data analysis and operations research/management science techniques. This course is an examination of the most advanced applications of those techniques. The structure of the course is to examine the use of them to four main areas of interest: player performance measurement, in-game decision-making, player selection/team building, and general administration such as marketing, pricing, contracts, stadium management etc. Emphasis will be place on not only how the application of Analytics has improved each of these situations, but how those decisions relate to business decisions in any other field of commerce

Featured courses for fall 2017

BSPA-UB 68 Sustainability for Competitive Advantage
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher
Counts toward: Sustainable Business & Management concentrations, Social Entrepreneurship minor and Public Policy and Management minor
This course will help students learn what business is expecting from future leaders in a competitive business market where environmental issues, social challenges and social media transparency require companies to mainstream sustainability into corporate strategy.

BSPA-UB 103 Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher
Counts toward: Sustainable Business & Management concentrations, Social Entrepreneurship minor and Public Policy and Management minor
This course is an experiential learning seminar involving project-based collaboration among students, faculty and nonprofit organizations in New York City.

Graduate Accounting Courses for Undergrads - Fall 2017

ACCT-GB 6300 Financial Statement Modeling (Class# 20927)
Professor: Perkal, David
Date/Time: T/R 9:30 am - 10:45 am
Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis
Restrictions: SO, JR AND SR Standing

ACCT-GB 6302 Financial Reporting and Analysis  (Class# 20928 )
Professor: Zarowin, Paul
Date/Time: M/W 11:00 - 12:15 pm
Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis
Restrictions: SO, JR AND SR Standing

ACCT-GB 6313 Auditing (Class# 21182 )
Professor: Shehata, Amal
Date/Time: T/R 2:00 - 3:15 pm
Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 3 Financial Statement Analysis
Restrictions: SO, JR AND SR Standing

ACCT-GB 6331 Advanced Managerial Accounting  (Class# 21183)
Professor: Maindiratta, Ajay
Date/Time: T/R 3:30 - 4:45 pm
Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 4 Managerial Accounting
Restrictions: SO, JR AND SR Standing

ACCT-GB 6380 Taxation Indiv & Bus Income (Class# 20929)
Professor: Thomopoulos, John/Meisler, Michael
Date/Time: M/W 8:00 - 9:15 am
Prerequisites: ACCT-UB 1 Principles of Financial  Accounting
Restrictions:  SO, JR AND SR Standing


Waitlisting and the SWAP Feature


Adding your name to a course waitlist does not guarantee enrollment.

After a certain period, course waitlists are deactivated for the term. If you have not been able to enroll in the waitlisted course by this time, it is no longer an option for your schedule.
- Fall/Spring Waitlist Deactivation: The last day of the 2nd week of classes (the last day of Albert registration)
- Summer/January Term Waitlist Deactivation: The last day of Albert registration for the session

If you plan to add your name to a waitlist, please be aware:
- Not all courses have a waitlist option
- Waitlists can become full
- You may need to use the SWAP feature to add yourself to a waitlist (see below)
- You will not be permitted to waitlist for a course for which you don't meet the prerequisites, if there is a time conflict with another enrolled class, or if the addition of that course would exceed the 18-unit semester limit
- Monitor your waitlist position as it may change; if you have set up the wait list properly, you will be automatically enrolled in the course if you move up to the first position and space becomes available. You will not be notified of this change.

The Swap Feature
If you plan to add yourself to a course waitlist you may need to use the swap function.

To "SWAP," you must register for a back-up course and then set up a swap. Once you have enrolled in a back-up class:
1. Log on to your Student Center on Albert
2. Select the Enroll tab
3. Select the SWAP tab
4. Select the course from your schedule that can be dropped (the “back-up course”)
5. Enter the Class Number of the preferred class
6. Make sure to check “waitlist if class is full”
7. Finish swapping
Albert will only drop you from your back-up if it is able to enroll you from the waitlist into your preferred course.

You may not retroactively set up a swap if you are already on the waitlist for your preferred course. To set up a swap, you'd need to drop yourself from the waitlist and follow the steps above.

If you waitlisted for a course without setting up a swap and you remain on the waitlist, Albert will not enroll you in the course (even if you move to number 1 on the wait list) if:

1. The units from the course will exceed the 18-unit limit
2. There is a time conflict with a course in which you are currently enrolled
3. The course is the same course but a different section of a class in which you are already enrolled
You can also see pages 9-11 of the Albert Registration Guide or watch the chapter that covers Waitlisting using SWAP on the Albert "How To" video.

Enrolling in Non-Stern Elective courses

If you are approved to take a course that requires a permission number or special authorization to register, you should contact the department offering the course to determine if you are eligible to enroll and to inquire about the necessary steps to obtain a permission number, and/or other special registration authorization.

If you are interested in taking a Music course through Steinhardt, please read through the School's policies and procedures document before registering.  

Verify Your Schedule

You should always verify your registration on Albert by reviewing your final schedule. Be sure to correct all registration mistakes before the first day of classes to avoid financial penalties. Pay special attention to the start dates of all of your classes as some schools of the University offer courses in special sessions.  Please also make sure that you are enrolled in at least 12 credits (full time) unless you are in your second semester of your senior year and you can be part time (enrolled in less than 12 credits) and still be on track to succesfully complete your degree requirements.

MBA Courses for Eligible Undergraduates

ECON-GB 2345 The Business of Platforms, Networks and Two-Sided Markets (3 units)
Pre-requisite: Microeconomics (ECON-UB 1)
This course analyzes the business of platforms and network industries. These industries include platforms such as Uber and Airbnb which bring together two sides of the market (drivers and users; apartments and users). Key platforms in finance are the credit card networks of Visa, MasterCard, and American Express that bring together merchants and consumers. The business of platforms shares many features with the business of networks such as the Internet and telecom network, as well as industries with significant complementarities, such as between computer or mobile phones operating systems and applications; games and game consoles; organic and paid Internet search, etc.

For information regarding eligibility and applying to take this and other MBA level courses, please contact Saige Martinez ( 


Tuition and Fees

New York University sets tuition payment deadlines for each fall, winter, spring, and summer semester. These deadlines are printed on the Office of the Bursar's website.

In addition to payment information, please review the following financial resources also found on the Office of the Bursar's website:

Study Away Registration

Pre-departure Registering: When looking for classes, remember to select your site as an advanced option while using the course search feature. Students may not take more than two Stern (-UB) courses at any one NYU Study Away site.

Registering while abroad: Registration may take place during or very close to a class recess. Be sure to prepare accordingly so that you are able register at your scheduled registration date and time (which is listed on Albert in Eastern Daylight Time).

Registration Reminders:

  • Check your degree progress report using the "Academics Requirement" tool on Albert to ensure you are enrolling in the spring courses that put you on track for graduation
  • Check for any Registration holds on your Student Center
  • All students must be enrolled in 12-18 credits to be considered in good academic standing (except 2nd semester seniors)
  • Don't forget to enter your Emergency Contact Information which includes a cell phone number and an emergency contact. You will not be able to register or use Albert until this information has been entered.

Academic Calendars