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Sciences Po: Student Feedback

Ezi Martinez - Sciences Po - Fall 2012

L. ‘Esmeralda’ Martinez

Highlight of my semester abroad:
I loved making international and French friends while I traveled. I visited a few in their hometowns and still keep in touch with them!

You might be interested to know:
This was my third semester abroad; I was at NYU Florence for Fall 2011 and Spring 2013. I’m still going to graduate on time with a double major because of my ridiculously careful planning.

My career goal:
Eventually, I want to own my own international business, possibly in the travel sector.

What I would say to students interested in participating in IBEX:
Do it! It’s going to take you out of your comfort zone and be one of the best experiences of your life.

Contact me about IBEX Sciences Po:

L. ‘Esmeralda’ Martinez - lem408@stern.nyu.edu

Feedback from Students


"Open a checking account as soon as you get there. It takes at least 1 week for it to be working, and bills are paid through this account (direct debit)."

Expenses (USD)

Food: $100/week
Books: $000!
Local transportation: $20/week
Postage: Email
Entertainment: $80
Phone: $80/month (5 Euros calling card can talk to the US for more than 2 hours)

Living Issues

"Student life is great. The guys in the program had a constant soccer game every Sunday afternoon. Our group of friends were about 20% Americans, 30% French and the rest international students from all over. It was very easy to meet students from the host country."


"Rented my own studio, no meal plan, went to the supermarket, bought food, and learned how to cook. Great experience, very satisfied, everybody in the program is on the same boat, so we all help each other out, go to each other's houses for dinner parties, etc."


"Favorite class was “Constructing the Europe of Universities” (in French), which was an extremely interesting course about integration of research, students, and knowledge in a globalized and in the E.U. world. The quality of instruction is advanced for the most part, the grading system is comparable to Stern, with the difference that less work is given (homework is rare apart form papers and tests). Strengths include a political aspect to the business world, the professors, the tightly-knit group that is put together for the program driving of students from all over the globe, and the interactions that come from the program. The main weakness is the limitation on what courses you are permitted to take in the program (such as the economics courses) which may overlap with something we have already done in Stern (Organizational behavior = MOA in Stern)."

Sites Not to Miss

"Once students get there, they find out very fast about the common famous places. A hidden secret is the “Refuge des Fondues” in the Montparnasse area."

Travel Tips

"Low cost airlines are much cheaper there. No trains are needed anymore in Europe. You can buy round-trip plane tickets to London, South of France and other destinations for less than $100. Flew to Stockholm for $60. Very easy to travel around."

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