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About Yonsei University

As the oldest university in Korea, Yonsei University traces its roots back to April 10, 1885, when, by Royal Decree, King Kojong opened the first modern hospital. Yonsei University was established in 1957 when Yonsei University and the Severance Union Medical College and Hospital were formally united, and the new institution was renamed as Yonsei University, derived from the first two syllables of the two institutions. Yonsei is particularly fortunate to have a spacious and well-wooded campus located just 20 minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of the Seoul metropolitan area. It has 18 graduate schools, 19 colleges, and 111 subsidiary institutions. With its student body comprised of the top 1 percent of high school graduates in Korea, Yonsei University is proud of its long history as the leading institution of higher education in Korea, as well as of its reputation as the most international university in Korea. The University has over 36,000 undergraduate students and over 1,500 full time faculty members.

Term Dates

Fall Semester: Mid-August - Mid-December
Spring Semester: Mid-February - Mid-June
Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

Approximate Living Costs (in US $)

Accommodations: US $1,200 per semester (on and off campus housing is available)
Meals: US $1,600 per semester
Books: US $300 per semester
Health Insurance: Yonsei University does not offer health insurance. Students are required to purchase their own health insurance before coming to Korea.
Personal Expenses: US $1,000 per semester

Language of Instruction

English and Korean

Student Services Available

Yonsei has an International Buddy Program, activities organized by Division of International Education and Exchange, student clubs and organizations, a Computer Room and a Library

Did You Know?

Yonsei University has the greatest external research funding among Korean private universities (281.4 million USD in 2011) and has a strong publication record (3,678 SCI, SSCI, and A&HCI journal articles in 2012)

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