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Stern Around the World: India

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As a student in this Fall 2014 semester course, you will take a trip to Chennai and Mumbai, India from January 7 - 15, 2015 and will learn about economic development and the role that private social enterprise (both for-profit and not-for profit) can play in promoting it.

**Applications for the Fall 2014 semester course and January 2015 trip have closed.  Please consider applying for ECON-UB 223 in Fall 2015 or MULT-UB 45 The Middle East: Cultures, Markets, and Strategies that takes place in Abu Dhabi over January 2015 but is a Spring 2015 course on Albert.

Program Overview

Course Overview

ECON-UB 223 Social Enterprise and Economic Development: The Indian Context, 3 credits
Professor V. Srivatsan; vsrivats@stern.nyu.edu; Office: KMC 8-85

The course has three goals:
(1) Introduce the student to the academic discipline of human and economic development

(2) Focus on the role of the private sector in promoting development through social enterprise

(3) Utilize the context of India - one of the oldest, and the longest living, of human civilizations
One of the lessons that we will learn is that we cannot fully understand development without a deep understanding of a particular society's culture, values, traditions, institutions and practices. However the academic understanding of these issues is far less rigorous than those on market and government-related ones and thereby leads to many puzzles, enigmas and mysteries. In order to gain a greater insight into how these societal particularities inter-relate and interact with economic development, we shall familiarize ourselves with the culture, history and institutions of India, as well as go on excursions in and around Mumbai and Mahabalipuram. The hope is that through lectures, documentaries, discussions and excursions, students will gain a deeper understanding of human development in general, as well as economic development in the specific Indian context. Building on this conceptual understanding we will use cases to discuss how various private sector actors - for-profit and not-for-profit, small and large, start-ups and ongoing initiatives - are helping to solve some of these deep problems and are overcoming some daunting challenges. The focus of this course and especially the students' final group project is to look at how developmental issues, which were previously believed to be in the domain of the public sector alone, can be fruitfully addressed by the private sector and/or by public-private partnerships.


This course is open to matriculated NYU Stern Juniors and Seniors who are in good standing with Stern and the University and meet the following prerequisites:

• Minimum 3.0 GPA (study abroad requirement)
• Must be enrolled at Stern in New York City for the Fall 2014 semester
• Plan to graduate no earlier than May 2015 (January grads are not eligible)
• ECON-UB1 Microeconomics (formerly C30.0001) [or equivalent]
• ECON-UB11 Economics of Global Business (formerly C30.0011) [or CAS equivalent ECON-UA238 International Economics]
This course can count as an Advanced Global Business Elective, a Social Entrepreneurship class, a Stern Advanced Economics Elective or a General Stern Elective.

Travel Details

Tentative Schedule for India:
• Check-in with chaperones in Chennai at 2:30pm, Wednesday, January 7th
• January 7 - 11, 2015: Program in Chennai
• January 11, 2015: Travel on group flight to Mumbai
• January 11 - 15, 2015: Program in Mumbai
• January 15, 2015, 12pm: Official end of program. Students are welcome to continue with their own travel plans.

Course Registration and Important Dates

• Week of April 28, 2014: Registration for this Fall 2014 course via Albert
• May 12, 2014: Deadline for non-refundable Trip Program Fee
• All students who register for this class after the week of April 28th must submit their trip payment within ten days of registering, and no later than Tuesday, September 9, 2014. The last day to drop or add this course (if space is still available) is September 9, 2014.
• September 2 - December 19, 2014: New York Class Dates
• TBA: Mandatory Trip Pre-Departure Session
• January 7 - 15, 2015: India Class Dates (does not include travel dates)
• January 15, 2015 (tentative): Trip Debrief Session

Estimated Expenses

• *Please note: Although you will register for this 3-credit course as part of your Fall 2014 schedule, NYU tuition and registration fees do not cover the additional fee for the trip to India.
• A Trip Program Fee will be required of all participants. The fee is $1,600. The trip fee will cover:
- Chennai hotel for 4 nights, Mumbai hotel for 4 nights
- Daily breakfast at hotels & 7 additional meals
- Local transportation including group airfare from Chennai to Mumbai on January 11, 2015
- Group excursions
• Additional Expenses to be covered by Student (not included in Program Fee):
- Airfare to Chennai (approx. $1,300- $1,600) - students will make their own flight arrangements. Book early since January is the high season!!
- Passport fee (approx $75 - $100) only if you need new or to renew passport
- Visa fees
- Vaccinations & Travel Medicines (varies - up to $500)
- Additional meals ($15/day)
- Course materials (approx. $110)
- Personal expenses & entertainment

Need-based Travel Stipends

A limited number of travel stipends will be available for students who qualify. You must have an updated FAFSA on file with NYU to be considered for this stipend. Students will receive more information about applying for stipends after registering for the course.

Passport & Visa Requirements for all Participants

• Passports: You must have a passport valid for a minimum of six months - through July 2015 - to travel. For more information on passports, consult the U.S. Department of State's website.

• Tourist visas: Most students (including US Citizens) will need a tourist visa to travel to Mumbai. Please consult the India Visa Center. Students must obtain their tourist visa before departure for India.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to apply and receive the appropriate visas for their passports in a timely manner for the trip. Refunds are not provided for those students who fail to secure their visas.

Learn More! Upcoming Info Sessions:

Info Sessions for the Fall 2014 course have concluded but you can view a video recording of the Info Session using your Stern log-in for more information