NYU Stern
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Classes on leadership taught by top faculty provide a solid grounding in frameworks and theory.

Available classes include:

• Advanced Topics in Management Communication: Strategies in Persuasion for Financial Services Executives
• Advanced Topics: The Performing Manager
• Advanced Negotiations
• Authentic Leadership Development
• Collaboration, Conflict & Negotiation
• Communication for the Global Economy
• Corporate Governance
• Corporate Turnarounds
• Crisis Communication
• Developing Managerial Skills
• Foundations of Business Coaching
• Global Banking & Capital Markets
• Global Perspectives on Enterprise Systems
• Globalization of the Entertainment Industry
• Implementing Strategy
• Innovative Thinking in a Turbulent Business Environment
• International Financial Management
• International Marketing Management
• Introduction to Environmental and Social Sustainability
• Judgment and Decision Making
• Leadership in Organizations
• Leadership Models
• Management Communications
• Managing Change
• Managing Financial Businesses
• Managing High Performing Teams
• Managing the Growing Company
• Multinational Business Management
• Power & Politics in Organizations
• Topics in International Finance
• Women in Business Leadership