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Faculty Fellow Projects

If you want to find opportunities, Look for problems

SSP Faculty Fellow Picture-Paul Romer

Faculty Fellows Projects provide students with the opportunity to partner with top NYU faculty & research centers in tackling big questions & problems facing business and society today. These projects are specifically designed to support students in their overall goal of making an impact on a broad scale.  Past Faculty Fellows have partnered with:
  • Professor Arun Sundararajan on measuring the socioeconomic impact of the Unique ID Initiative. In September 2010, India’s government embarked on an ambitious project to provide a biometric-based unique digital identity (Unique Identification - UID) to each of its 1.2 billion citizens. Faculty Fellows have identified institutional models for market-state partnerships in emerging economies, analyzed new models for 'inclusive banking' in India, and developed a business plan for venture capitalists interested in funding UID-related ventures.
  • Professor Paul Romer on Urbanization related initiatives.  The NYU Stern Urbanization Project harnesses the growth of cities to speed up global progress. Past Urbanization Fellows have written business plans, developed actionable policy recommendations, and advised governments in various cities and rapidly urbanizing countries.
  • Professor Vasant Dhar & Anindya Ghose on The Center for Business Analytics  The Center for Business Analytics (CBA) is an inter-disciplinary research initiative within NYU Stern which works at the cutting edge of data analytics. Past CBA Fellows have created an executive strategic partnership plan and a business plan to help shape the Center’s research agenda through knowledge and data sharing.
Eligibility & Structure
You are invited to apply if you are an MBA student who meets the following criteria:
  • Have completed at least 15 MBA credits at Stern
  • Will be enrolled in Stern classes during the desired semester of participation (applies to Langone MBA Students)
  • Can commit to 10 hours/week for 10 weeks
  • Can enroll in a 1.5 credit independent study (Students who need to apply for a credit overload or acceleration should see MBA Academic Affairs)
To learn more about the application process for the Faculty Fellows Projects and current project descriptions, please see the Apply tab.