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Professional clubs provide forums for students to hear from business leaders and offer opportunities that leverage Stern's New York City location and NYU's global network.


Emerging Markets Association
examines economic, political and financial issues in developing countries.

Entrepreneurship and Startup Association helps students, alumni, and affiliated entrepreneurs achieve entrepreneurial success and career goals.

Graduate Finance Association educates and prepares students for their careers in finance.

Graduate Marketing Association explores the marketing of products and services across a wide variety of businesses and industries.

Luxury & Retail Club informs and guides those interested in the luxury and retail industries.

Management Consulting Association provides students with the knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities for consulting careers.

Entertainment Media and Sports Association explores opportunities in the media, entertainment, and sports industries.

Stern Technology Association explores opportunities in the tech industry. 

Real Estate Club provides a forum for students interested in all aspects of real estate.

Stern Business Analytics Club provides students the opportunity to develop core skills in Business Analytics across industries through training and educational events.

Stern Energy & Infrastructure Club focuses on careers in traditional and alternative energy.

Stern Investment Management & Research educates and prepares students pursuing careers across a broad array of investment management related functions including: alternative investments, buy and sell side research, private wealth management, and sales and trading.

Social Impact and Sustainability Association serves as a resource and conduit for students who desire to use their business skills for social good in the for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors.

Stern Management & Strategy Club promotes internal strategy and operations management careers in the Stern community.

Stern Healthcare Association presents the issues and challenges facing the healthcare industry and provides networking opportunities.

Stern Private Equity Club educates and prepares students for careers in private equity and venture capital finance.

Affinity clubs serve as professional, educational, and social forums and celebrate the student body's diversity, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.


Asian Business Society
assists students in understanding Asian cultures, regions, networks, business environments, and job opportunities.

Association of Hispanic & Black Business Students serves all students interested in business and social programs related to Black and Latino cultures.

European Business Society facilitates European-business related events and attempts to increase understanding of these issues.

Jewish Student Association provides a forum for Jewish MBA students to participate in Jewish cultural events while they further their careers.

Latin American Business Association acts as a liaison between Latin America and the Stern community at an academic, corporate and social level.

Military Veterans Club provides networking and social opportunities for students with a military background.

OutClass addresses sexual orientation and identity issues to help gay and lesbian students understand and manage workplace diversity.

South Asian Business Association at Stern serves all students interested in business opportunities, social programs, and networking events related to South Asia.

Stern in Africa serves all students interested in business opportunities, social programming, and networking events related to Africa.

Stern Women in Business promotes female students' personal and professional development by providing networking and social interaction opportunities.

Special Interest clubs foster community at Stern through events that combine educational & social engagement.

Student Org.

Government & Business Association 
focuses on opportunities and education for students interested in a career in government sectors.

Stern Showcase is an umbrella club that provides a platform for all those who like to sing (Net Present Vocals), dance (Stern Moves), and/or laugh (Stern Comedy Club). 

SpeechMasters  offers students a friendly and supportive forum to develop these vital skills and grow professionally.

Stern Adventures connects members of the Stern community with similar interests in exciting, non-academic activities.

Stern Cellar informs and guides those interested in spirits industry as well as provides social forum for the Stern community to learn about wine, food, and microbrewery.

Arts, Culture, and Cuisine provides students with the opportunity to take advantage of New York City's rich arts and culture scene through on and off-campus events, such as trips to museums and theaters and increasing understanding with educational opportunities of the industry.

Stern Partners an organization that plans events that extend to partners and families of current MBA students. 

Stern Opportunity (newspaper) serves as the platform for members of the Stern community to comment on current events, trends and ideas.

The Adam Smith Society provides an opportunity to educate students on policy using data and economic theory, separate from partisan affiliations.

Stern Progressives is dedicated to fostering a community of students and alumni who care about progressive causes.


Sports Clubs leverage the NYU Stern pride in a fun and competitive manner through intramural activities.

Stern Hoops creates opportunities for students to network with other students, alumni, and faculty through the global sport of basketball.

Stern Golf Club serves as a resource for students interested in learning about, playing, and competing in the game of golf.

Stern Racquet Club serves as a resource for students interested in learning about and playing tennis, squash, and racquet ball.

Stern Rugby Football Club provides a strong social environment in a sporting context outside of Stern's primary activities.

Stern Soccer Club promotes networking and social interaction through the global sport of soccer.

Stern Softball Club creates a friendly yet competitive spirit through the amateur sport of softball, which serves as an outlet from the rigors of the MBA program.