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Global Study Tour Courses

Enhance direct international business exposure with global study experiences in dynamic contemporary markets around the world.

At Stern, each class embarks on two required Global Study Tours. These one-week international residencies are an integral component of the core curriculum.

Study in International Markets

As a student, you will participate in a Global Study Tour during each year of the program. Global Study Tour destinations are carefully selected by Stern faculty and administration with a focus on relevant business trends and current events. Your second-year destination will typically be very different from your first, allowing you to compare different dynamic contemporary market economies.

From Latin America to the Middle East and Asia

Recent classes have studied in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Some of the countries visited include Argentina, Russia, Estonia, Turkey, the UAE, China and India. While abroad, you will participate in meetings and in-depth discussions with leaders of industry, financial institutions and government organizations.

Most overseas costs associated with the two Global Study Tours, such as accommodations and some meals, are included in the program tuition. Students are responsible for their own round-trip airfare to and from the program destination and other nominal expenses.

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Did You Know...?

Stern's Global Study Tours:
  • have been running for 26 years and traveled to 34 different countries
  • met famous Bollywood directors and watched a film being made in Mumbai
  • visited Central Banks in 12 different countries
  • toured a copper mine in Chile, high in the Andes
  • held a class dinner in the middle of the UAE desert, complete with camel rides and traditional music