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Making the Case for Sponsorship

Many applicants find it helpful to present their sponsorship request as a business case. Point to specific ways in which your Executive MBA experience will benefit your employer. Is your company growing or expanding into international markets? Has the scope of your responsibilities changed or will it change in the near future? Be specific in describing how the MBA will have an impact on your organization; understand how it will help you in both your current and your future roles at your company.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship for Stern’s Executive MBA program has a number of benefits. Sponsors often use sponsorship as a means of developing and retaining top talent within the firm. Through the program, these employees are able to bring real-world business challenges from work into the classroom and gain different perspectives from faculty and from their tremendously experienced student peers. Students in the NYU Stern Executive MBA program put their weekend learning to use immediately upon returning to work Monday morning, bringing new energy and a higher level of impact to the corporation.
  • Participants bring back new and innovative perspectives from the strong curriculum, global focus, and highly experienced classmates
  • Offering sponsorship opportunities gives organizations an advantage when competing for the same talent
  • Sponsorship can be used to reward exceptional performance and increase employee loyalty and retention
  • Participants develop strategic, leadership, and general management skills with powerful expertise in targeted specialization areas
  • Organizations see immediate results and impact, since participants are working while pursuing their degree
For a printable summary for employers about the NYU Stern Executive MBA and the Benefits of Sponsorship, click Executive MBA Sponsorship.