NYU Stern
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Sports & Social Clubs

Foster a social environment at Stern through events that combine teamwork, a competitive spirit and relaxed environment.

MBA Club
Club Description
Net Present VocalsProvides a forum for students to contribute their musical talent to the Stern community
Stern AdventuresConnects members of the Stern community with similar interests in exciting, non-academic activities
Stern Basketball AssociationCreates opportunities for students to network with other students, alumni and faculty through the global sport of basketball
Stern Cellar
Provides an informal, social forum for the Stern community to learn about wine, food and microbrewery
Stern Golf ClubServes as a resource for students interested in learning about, playing and competing in the game of golf
Stern Racquet ClubServes as a resource for students interested in learning about and playing tennis, squash and racquet ball
Stern Rugby Football ClubProvides a strong social environment in a sporting context outside of Stern's primary activities
Stern Soccer ClubPromotes networking and social interaction through the global sport of soccer
Stern Softball ClubCreates a friendly yet competitive spirit through the amateur sport of softball, which serves as an outlet from the rigors of the MBA program