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Data as a Strategic Asset

Graduates of this program will be equipped with a rare and valuable skill set – the ability to transform data into a powerful and predictive strategic asset to make better decisions and drive better results. Business analytics is critical in preparing organizations to solve 21st century business challenges.

Deepak Advani, Vice President, Business Analytics, IBM
"Given the large amounts of new data created every single minute, analytics skills are no longer just a requirement for the IT professional, they are becoming increasingly important for the business professional as well. It's key for students to enter the workforce with a unique set of skills giving them an early advantage as the next era of cognitive computing and analytics continue to impact every facet of business."

Jim Goodnight, Chief Executive Officer, SAS
“Somehow, the CIO needs to reach across these silo databases and understand how they’re being used so they can see if they can achieve better efficiencies. It is, in some ways, the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge.” ("Dr Jim Goodnight Talks the Business of Analytics," Swan, Georgina Oct. 19, 2010.)

The NYU Stern Masters in Business Analytics provides you with the skills, insight and capability to transform data into insightful information that will lead to better results. The MS in Business Analytics gives you the knowledge, skills and network to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Access to NYU Stern “A list” faculty who are thought leaders in the field of business analytics
  • Niche global network of “Analytics” peers who turn into valuable colleagues and contacts.
  • Because the program is part time, students can immediately apply learnings to job and career
  • Cutting-edge know-how in a growing field