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Strategic Capstone

The Business Analytics Strategic Capstone, which is a team based project presented at the culmination of the program, gives students an opportunity to review and interpret data through statistical and operational analysis with the use of predictive models and the application of optimization techniques. The result is a unified and practical case presentation on a topic of the group's choosing.

Project Framework:
  • Each group will consist of 4–5 participants from diverse backgrounds, encouraging a broader understanding of business analytics.
  • The project will span the course of the program, enabling participants to enrich their projects with learning from each module.
  • The final deliverables for the project consist of a paper, presentation, and an online portfolio of the group findings. 
Topic areas from past projects:

MobileMobile Analytics
From wearable tech and the internet-of-things to smartphone devices and digital wallets, billions of people around the world are harnessing mobile devices to access information, connect with others, and conduct business. Mobile analytics offers fertile ground to unlock valuable information and insights for businesses and organizations. Previous capstone projects have focused on the following: designing predictive models to identify successful mobile applications, creating mobile applications to optimize business operations, and developing strategic recommendations for mobile marketing budget allocation.

workWorkforce Analytics
Workforce analytics is growing in the field of human resources and has been strongly represented by MSBA capstone projects. Previous projects have utilized advanced analytics methods to improve business practices in various ways, including predicting talent acquisition, identifying drivers for workforce performance, estimating company retention rates, and anticipating fraudulent behavior within a company.

healthHealth Care Analytics
Past projects focusing on the health care/pharmacy sector range from improving operational efficiency in hospitals by using analytics, establishing data-driven revenue generation models for health care facilities, and creating predictive models to suggest new facility locations for optimal pharmacy sales.  

GlobeHuman Rights Analytics
Business analytics can also be used for the social good. Previous capstone projects have utilized analytics in an attempt to provide tools to the public and private sector in the fight for human rights related issues. Past project topics include the prevention of child abduction, HIV/AIDS treatment, and the protection of vulnerable populations in Central Africa.

energyEnergy Analytics
Climate change and disruptions in our environment have a direct impact on businesses and the overall economy. MSBA students have completed projects concentrated around this central point. Past projects include: the development of mobile applications that anticipate air quality indices impact on daily profits, predictions for electrical vehicle demand, and smart grid resource allocation.

sportsSports Analytics
The movie Moneyball—depicting the story of Paul DePodesta and his use of analytics in baseball—put sports analytics in the headlines. Capstone projects for the MSBA program have taken sports analytics further by developing analytical models to inform coaching methods, recruitment strategies, and training for the NBA and the burgeoning field of mixed martial arts (MMA).