NYU Stern
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Community Clubs

Serve as professional, educational and social forums that celebrate the student body's diversity, cultural backgrounds and experiences. 

MBA Club
Club Description
Asian Business SocietyAssists students in understanding Asian cultures, regions, networks, business environments and job opportunities
Association of Hispanic & Black Business StudentsServes all students interested in business and social programs related to Black and Latino cultures
European Business SocietyFacilitates European-business related events and attempts to increase understanding of these issues
Japan Business AssociationPromotes an understanding of Japanese culture and business by interacting with the Stern and business community
Jewish Student AssociationProvides a forum for Jewish MBA students to participate in Jewish cultural events while they further their careers
Latin American Business AssociationActs as a liaison between Latin America and the Stern community at an academic, corporate and social level
Military Veterans ClubProvides networking and social opportunities for students with a military background
OutClassAddresses sexual orientation and identity issues to help gay and lesbian students understand and manage workplace diversity
South Asian Business Association at SternServes all students interested in business opportunities, social programs and networking events related to South Asia
Stern in AfricaServes all students interested in business opportunities, social program, and networking events related to Africa
Stern Opportunity (newspaper)Serves as the platform for members of the Stern community to comment on current events, trends and ideas
Stern Women in BusinessPromotes female students' personal and professional development by providing networking and social interaction opportunities