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What to Do Now

When you arrive on campus, the job search process starts almost immediately. You’ll want to be well positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities in the fall.

Here are some key steps to take now and throughout the summer.

Assess your skills and values

It is important for you to begin identifying your existing skill set and determine the skills you want to develop and use going forward in your career. It is also key to consider your values -- what work activities satisfy your personal and professional needs and what motivates you.

Research your target functions and industries

Research and explore your career options and related tasks to confirm your interest. Gain a working knowledge of current market trends, so that you have productive conversations and stand out early in the process.
  • Check out our Resources Per Area of Interest web page
  • Take advantage of complimentary access to career/industry guides:
    • WetFeet (Register as a new user by entering a valid email address.)
    • Vault (Register as a new user by entering a valid email address.)
  • Read major business publications, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times & Bloomberg Businessweek

Adapt your résumé to the Stern format

Mark your calendar for January on-campus recruiting

A significant number of summer internship on-campus interviews occur in January between the first and second semesters of the first year. If you will be pursuing a summer internship through traditional on-campus recruiting, your availability during this time will be critical. For the Class of 2016, on-campus interviews will begin in January 2015 (date TBD).