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Industrial Organization Seminar

Date Location Speaker Topic
March 4th KMC 7-191 Ariel Pakes
"Just starting out: Learning and equilibrium in a new market"
April 1st KMC 7-191 Fanyin Zheng (Columbia) "Spatial Competition and Preemptive Entry in the Discount Retail Industry"
April 8th KMC 7-191 Maryam Saeedi (Ohio State) "Dynamic Bidding in Second-Price Auctions"
Tuesday, April 12th

Joint with Econometrics Seminar
19 West 4th Street, Room 736 
2:30 PM

*Note new location/day/time for this week.
Elie Tamer (Harvard) "Market Structure and Competition: an Econometric framework"
April 29th
KMC 7-191 Ralph Boleslavsky (Miami) "Selloffs, Bailouts, and Feedback Effects"
Monday, May 2nd

Joint with Applied Microeconomics Workshop
19 West 4th Street, Room 517
4:30 PM

*Note new location/day/time for this week.
JF Houde (Wharton)  

Please contact Asma Imam ( with any questions.

Seminar Time & Location

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Conference Room 7-191
Kaufman Management Center
44 West 4th Street 
Net York, NY 10012