Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Q: How does your program differ from a traditional arts and science economics program?

A: The content is the same. You'll take the same core courses and comprehensive examinations as your colleagues in NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science economics program, one of the elite programs in economics.

Q: Then why should I apply to Stern?

A: We have better resources and give more personal attention to our students than most arts and science programs. Our placement record reflects this.

Q: How many students do you have?

A: We enroll one to four students every year. That gives us between ten and twenty in all at various stages of the program.

Q: What kinds of jobs do your students get?

A: They get the same jobs, on the whole, as students in other economics programs. In the recent past, we have sent students to arts and science economics departments, business schools (economics, finance, strategy, and marketing), and other organizations (the Federal Reserve, for example).

Q: Do I need to major in economics as a undergrad?

A: No, it's more important to have strong quantitative training. Some of our recent students majored in math, chemistry, and electrical engineering.

Q: What fields can I study?

A: In principle you can study most fields of economics, but we emphasize two: industrial organization and applied micro theory (including applications to strategy) and macroeconomics (including applications to finance). NYU has unusual depth in both.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Through the NYU Stern PhD office