Mor Armony, Associate Professor of IOMS, and OM doctoral student Tarek Abdallah discuss her research on healthcare operations.
Natalia Levina, Associate Professor of Information Systems, presents at the Future of Business Event series.
Peter Lakner, Associate Professor of Statistics and Operations Research, presents his research on impulse control.

IOMS Groups:  Information Systems • Operations Management • Statistics

– About the department

The Department of Information, Operations & Management Sciences (IOMS) is home to faculty whose research style is analytical or technology-based. 

The IOMS faculty have a well known reputation for excellence in research and teaching.  Their research focuses in areas such as big data, outsourcing and offshoring, online advertising, mining social media content and social networks, revenue management and pricing, stochastic processing systems, long memory time series, categorical data analysis, and strategic analysis of global warming.

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Department Leadership

Alex Tuzhilin, Chair
Ed Melnick, Deputy Chair
Vasant Dhar, IS Group Head
Michael Pinedo, OM Group Head
Peter Lakner, Statistics Group Head

IOMS Specializations

Fall 2015 Course Highlight

Programming in Python: INFO-GB.2335.01
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Professor Hardeep Johar
The class will focus on giving students a working knowledge of programming languages and software design methodologies. Students will learn how large and small scale computer applications work, and how to build working prototypes to illustrate and market their own ideas.

Fall 2015 IOMS Electives

Choosing classes for next semester? Learn more about topics and skills covered in IOMS Electives for the Fall 2015 Semester here.