NYU Stern

Collaborate and Innovate

The Lab brings together creative thinkers from various disciplines and across NYU.

How It Works
NYU students, faculty and alumni in a variety of disciplines will collaborate to work on new products, services and business models generated among the group. The Lab will train participants to refine their innovations (and the innovations of others) using methodical processes. Participants will build a portfolio of patents and other intangible assets to protect their innovations, and then license and sell those assets to industry. Over time, participants will repeatedly develop new innovations and become 'prolific inventors'. Lab participants must be willing and able to devote on average an additional 4-8 hours per week outside of class on assignments and projects in order to benefit from the program.

While this Lab will focus on team inventing and contributing ideas to improve group inventions, you can also elect to work alone.

What You’ll Learn
In this 12-week series, you’ll learn:
  • How to create and refine your “big idea” into a commercially-viable innovation.
  • How to build a portfolio of patents and other intangible assets to protect your innovations.
  • How to license and sell those assets to industry.
  • How to bring your “big idea” to market using non-traditional but powerful ways.
In addition, Lab members may become responsible for managing the development and commercialization of entire portfolios of innovations.

To learn more about particular projects and Innovation Lab members please visit the Innovation Lab web site.

Who Can Participate
A technology background is not required. Alumni, students, and faculty from all backgrounds are welcome to participate, e.g., business, law, computer science, mathematics, medicine and dentistry, chemistry, computational biology, telecommunications, etc.

About the Instructor

If you're instead interested in the Center for Advanced Patent Research, please refer to that page or contact Dean.