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2018 Ashok C. Sani Distinguished Scholar-In-Residence Lecture Featuring Alan Murray

NYU Stern Professors Tensie Whelan and Bruce Buchanan pose with Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer of Time Inc. and President of Fortune, before the Sani Lecture on May 1. 

On Tuesday, May 1, NYU Stern’s Business & Society Program (BSP) and Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) co-hosted the 2018 Ashok C. Sani Distinguished Scholar-In-Residence Lecture, delivered by Alan Murray, Chief Content Officer of Time Inc. and President of Fortune. This year’s talk was entitled “The Role of Sustainability in Today’s Business World.”

Murray, who was introduced by Professor Bruce Buchanan, offered insights on how a shift in leadership practices is impacting long-term business sustainability. He discussed companies’ responses to recent public relations crises, noting that executives have been forced to reexamine their communications strategies following a period of rapid technology change.  

“Information doesn’t move vertically anymore; it moves omnidirectionally,” Murray noted.

Following the discussion, Murray answered questions from the audience.

For more information on the event, please visit the BSP website.

Watch the full event below:

About the Ashok C. Sani Scholar-in-Residence Lecture
Ashok C. Sani (BS ’74), for whom this lecture is named, was a distinguished graduate, successful entrepreneur, president of C.G.S. Industries Inc., loyal supporter of NYU, and the founding member of the NYU Stern Alumni Council. The Ashok Sani Scholar program shares Mr. Sani’s interest in ethics, truth, peace, compassion and the moral and social responsibilities of members of society with the NYU Stern community.