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John Bell of Social@Ogilvy on How to Unlock the Value of Social Media

As part of NYU Stern’s Center for Measurable Marketing Speaker Series, John Bell, global managing director of Social@Ogilvy, shared a sales impact study on the value of integrated social media marketing.

Unlocking the value of social media is difficult

"Unlocking the value of social media is difficult,” said Bell, who estimates that just 20 percent of businesses receive 80 percent of potential benefits from social media. To get the most out of social media, Bell emphasized the importance of making changes at the organizational level, including:
  • Moving marketing and communications to an owned, earned and paid model
  • Increasing the collaboration between marketing, communications, legal, human resources and customer service departments
  • Recognizing and valuing customer and stakeholder advocacy
  • Preparing employees to be brand ambassadors
  • Integrating social media across the business
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