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    Excerpt from CNBC -- "'He is one the world's top academic economists,' said Arun Sundararajan, an economist at New York University's Stern School of Business and an expert on India. 'In my view, there's a lot of optimism in putting him in charge because it means we will start getting world-class thinking on fiscal and monetary policy.'"

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    Excerpt from The Wall Street Journal -- "Lawrence J. White, a professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, said AIG challenging its regulator in federal court is 'not a once-in-100-year event, but it is unusual.' Most companies don't want to get on the bad side of the regulators, 'but if they really feel this is an egregious situation, they will just grit their teeth and appeal to the court,' he said."

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    Excerpt from Forbes -- "One approach to providing environments that foster innovation is to take functional groups out of their silos, create multifunctional teams and locate them 'off campus': even if only in a different building across the street. Placing multifunctional team members in close proximity, away from headquarters encourages teamwork, bonding, more regular communication, and shared goals."

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    Excerpt from Fast Co.Design -- “When your first sponsor is Citi and it’s called Citi Bike, there’s not a lot of value for other advertisers. They should have known upfront they were selling one sponsorship, and should have planned accordingly.”

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    Excerpt from LAist -- "NYU's Stern Urbanization Project is giving us a chance to visualize just what type of urban expansion has taken over our city of angels from 1877 to 2000—and it's pretty cool to watch."

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    Excerpt from The New York Post -- "'Summer @ Stern is set to attract students who are thinking of pursing business in college,' says Rohit Deo, vice dean of undergraduate academic affairs and strategic planning for the college. Two six-week-long sessions will be offered -- one focusing on business and investments and another on behavioral economics and the science of decision-making."

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    Excerpt from am New York -- "'Education should be as visible and evident in the city as New York Fashion Week or when we hear about a cool new exhibition at MoMa,' said Adam Brandenburger, an NYU professor who will be lecturing on game theory at Sweet Water Social in NoHo. Brandenburger added professors have become increasingly uncomfortable with the notion that access to education is restricted."

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    Excerpt from Bloomberg TV -- "Crisis management always boils down to the same three things. Acknowledge the issue, get the top guy or gal addressing the issue, and then overcorrect. And I think they've done everything except address the issue when it actually happened and that's what they're getting heartache about. She gets a pass. She's fine. She's been on the job six weeks."

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    Excerpt from Bloomberg TV -- "I think Aereo is the Napster of our generation. I think it's going to be put out of business. They're taking on a 57 billion dollar industry whose infrastructure ... you can use technology to steal, and that's effectively what the industry will say these guys are doing."

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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Indeed, many Turkers are actively helping to put themselves out of jobs. 'Yesterday it was spam moderation,' said Panos Ipeirotis, a professor of business at New York University. 'And today it’s transcriptions and translation. Once we help computers solve the problem of today, we move on to more challenging tasks. Maybe in 10 years, it’s something we think of as completely out of the range of computers right now. I see it happening, all the time.'”

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    Excerpt from Smithsonian Magazine -- "Even the perception of speed can be deceptive. When things come easily or quickly, when we don’t have to struggle, we tend to feel smarter, a concept termed fluency. In one study, Adam Alter and fellow psychologists at New York University asked volunteers to answer a series of questions typed in either a crisp, clear font (a fluent experience) or a slightly blurred, harder to read version (a disfluent one). The people who had to work harder ended up processing the text more deeply and responding to the questions more accurately."

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    Excerpt from Crain's -- "After years of relentlessly attacking the big stock exchanges with better technology, Mr. Harkins is now studying for an M.B.A. in finance and entrepreneurship at New York University. Being an entrepreneur is always fun and risky, he said. 'But if you know your industry really well, you can make educated guesses on where it's going.'"

  •  A University Professorship Lecture | Paul Romer

    Paul Romer, University Professor, professor of economics, director or the NYU Stern Urbanization Project and interim director of NYU's Marron Institute on Cities and the Urban Environment, delivered a University Professorship Lecture entitled “Approaching the City through Pasteur's Quadrant" this Spring. The event was hosted by Provost David McLaughlin and Dean Peter Henry in Stern’s Cantor Boardroom.

  • 2014 Block Lunch | Susan Jurevics

    Susan Jurevics (MBA ’96), chief executive officer of Pottermore, joined Dean Peter Henry and MBA students for NYU Stern’s Block Lunch event series this spring.

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    Excerpt from HBS Working Knowledge -- "Zhu has other research in the works related to ad-sponsored business models, including one with Robert Seamans at New York University that considers how ad-sponsored free newspapers affect pricing and content delivery strategies of incumbent newspapers that charge subscription fees."

  • Conor Grennan, NYU Stern Alumnus, Joins his Alma Mater as Dean of MBA Students

    New York University Stern School of Business announced the appointment of one of its alumni, Conor Grennan, as Dean of Students for the MBA program, effective April 1. In this role, Conor will act as liaison between the administration and the School’s more than 2,500 full-time and Langone MBA students.

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    Excerpt from Minnesota Public Radio -- "We're the first business school to take [human rights issues] on and I'm proud that Stern has done that. This should be taught at every business school, frankly. And people coming out of business school ought to have opportunities to go work in companies in the operational side to lead companies who have some background in human rights. By and large, I don't think that exists today."

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    Excerpt from Project Syndicate -- "Indeed, as was the case with the global financial crisis, investors seem unable to estimate, price, and hedge such tail risks properly. Only time will tell whether their current nonchalance constitutes another failure to assess and prepare for extreme events."

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    Excerpt from The Globe and Mail -- "Companies with corporate jets underperform market benchmarks for average shareholder return by 4 per cent, New York University Professor David Yermack found. One interesting tidbit in the study, Bryant University Professor Michael Roberto notes, is that companies with jets also tend to have CEOs with long-distance golf club memberships."

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    Excerpt from Crain's New York -- "'To have this dealership model hardened into stone is purely protectionist and gets in the way of efficient distribution,' said NYU's Mr. White. Forcing Tesla—which makes relatively few cars and sells them at a high price point to a narrow consumer base—to engage in wholesale relationships with franchises would cripple the company and doom the franchises, he said."

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    Excerpt from The Economist -- "Rosa Abrantes-Metz of New York University’s Stern School of Business, whose number-crunching helped expose the LIBOR affair, thinks the Americans are too sceptical. She argues that market screening, like the medical sort, is useful as an indicator that prompts further investigation."

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    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Christie’s, the auction house, has estimated that the core of the collection would sell for $454 million to $867 million. But those figures cover only a fraction of the museum’s art; others have put the total value much higher. Foundations and individual donors have already pledged hundreds of millions to keep the collection off the auction block, but whether they will succeed remains uncertain."

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    Excerpt from The New Yorker -- "In 2012, an economic analysis by Masakazu Ishihara, of New York University, and Andrew Ching, of the University of Toronto, found that if used games were to disappear from the market and new games stayed at current prices—which would effectively make the games more expensive for the buyer—the average profits per game would fall by ten per cent."

  • – Faculty News

    Prof. Vicki Morwitz on StubHub's new pricing

    March 28, 2014
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    Excerpt from MarketWatch -- "Studies show that consumers have a blind spot when it comes to hidden fees, says Vicki Morwitz, a professor of marketing at the Stern School of Business at New York University. 'When firms separate surcharges from the base price, research shows that consumers do not fully notice them or integrate them into their estimates of total costs,' she says. 'In the short run, I am not surprised that [StubHub’s new pricing] affected sales, since we know that price perceptions influence sales.'”

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    Excerpt from NPR -- "If you have to rock the boat to get what you think you deserve, then you should do it, but I think there's a right way to do it. You don't have to be rude."


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