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McKinsey & Company’s Manish Chopra on Mindfulness

Manish Chopra, partner at McKinsey & Company and author of “The Equanimous Mind,” led a discussion with a group of NYU Stern MBA students on the benefits of mindfulness in business, as part of NYU Stern's Leadership Development Program (LDP) this fall.  Chopra described his journey to mindfulness and shared three personal revelations from the practice:
  1. The myth of multi-tasking – letting the brain flit back and forth between tasks leads to a reduction (not an increase) in productivity
  2. Insecurity, stress and anxiety cannot be controlled, but a routine mindfulness practice can help you “get comfortable with the uncomfortable”
  3. Judgment vs. Neutrality – being able to make “choiceless,” or judgement-free, observations is a powerful tool 

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