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NYU Stern’s Leadership Development Hosts Two-Part Mindful Leadership Workshop with Janice Marturano

Mindful leadership is not a nice-to-have anymore. It's required in the 21st century.

NYU Stern Leadership Development hosted a two-part workshop titled “Intro to Mindful Leadership” in March and April, offered as part of the School’s Mindfulness in Business Initiative. The workshop was led by Janice Marturano, founder and executive director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership.

Marturano shared insights from her own career path as a former senior business executive at General Mills and how her mindful leadership curriculum was developed. She also emphasized the importance of leaders in today’s business climate being able to initiate and guide change. Attendees participated in several meditation exercises and discussed how mindfulness can strengthen an individual’s ability to focus on the present, to increase creativity and to lead with compassion.

“One’s ability to lead with excellence is directly related to one’s ability to connect to oneself, to others and to the community,” explained Marturano. “Mindful leadership is not a nice-to-have anymore. It's required in the 21st century.” Workshop participants shared common obstacles to mindful leadership and discussed strategies for effective, mindful communication.

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