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  • fox news
    Excerpt from Fox News -- "The new battleground I believe is going to be the home. It is the only place that you don't have your phone attached to your hand and it's a place where you make a lot of purchase and media decisions, what you are going to watch and what you are going to buy. Who owns the home now? The buttery voice of Alexa."
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- ".. if you are a skeptic about the turbulence and populism and so on we see, you could look at the global economy and markets and say things are going well. We have a synchronized growth acceleration, pretty much globally, markets are at all-time highs, show low volatility, relatively little nervousness, reasonably calm reaction to the withdrawal of monetary stimulus, and so on. So it looks like we are in much better shape than we were ten years ago. So the question is, what disorder? And I think the answer has to do with the rising tide of political and social polarization, especially in the west..."
  • Findlay Courier logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the Findlay Courier -- " in brick-and-mortar stores over Thanksgiving/Black Friday is still a big deal, said Jacob Jacoby, marketing professor at New York University. Stores will be offering deep discounts on some items to draw crowds, who will invariably buy additional goods."
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "'Machine learning in finance is a tough slog,' says Vasant Dhar, a professor at New York University who’s run an AI-powered hedge fund for almost a decade. 'It’s easy to fool yourself about how these things work.'"
  • new york times logo feature
    Excerpt from The New York Times -- "Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, made a relaxed appearance at New York University on Tuesday night, answering questions about her life in economics and her time at the Fed one day after she announced plans to leave the central bank next year."
  • – Business and Policy Leader Events

    NYU Stern's "In Conversation with Mervyn King" Series Presents Janet Yellen

    November 21, 2017
    On November 21, NYU Stern’s “In Conversation with Lord Mervyn King” Series welcomed Janet Yellen, chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
  • – Faculty News

    Professor Aswath Damodaran discusses GE's decline

    November 20, 2017
    cnnmoney logo feature
    Excerpt from CNNMoney -- "Others argue GE should have sold GE Capital long before it got so big that it endangered the rest of the company. 'They were too proud. They couldn't let it go. By the time they spun off GE Capital, it was already damaged and nobody would give them a fair price,' Damodaran said."
  • BusinessBecause
    Excerpt from BusinessBecause -- "'We make content that connects with sizable audiences, but everything we do comes from creators who have a unique thing to say about the world. The first feature film we were involved with was Spotlight, which is a great example of this,' says Ryan. 'My role can involve sitting down with creatives so having an MFA gives me credibility. I speak a similar language and it shows that I’m passionate about filmmaking.'"
  • cnnmoney logo feature
    Excerpt from CNNMoney -- "'You just have to feel like you're getting added value from being in the store,' said Russell Winer, a marketing professor at NYU's Stern School of Business. Otherwise, you may as well hunt for deals on Amazon."
  • new yorker logo feature
    Excerpt from The New Yorker -- "A meta-analysis by the academics Michael S. North and Susan T. Fiske reveals that Eastern societies actually have more negative attitudes toward the elderly than Western ones do, and that the global ageism boom stems not from modernization or capitalism but from the increase in old people. North and Fiske also note that 'efforts to intervene against age prejudice have yielded mixed results at best.'"
  • – Business and Policy Leader Events

    A Spotlight on Entrepreneurship in Turkey

    November 17, 2017
    HUG panel feature
    On November 17, ​NYU faculty, industry practitioners and NYU Stern students convened for the launch event of the Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative (HUG in Turkish), a program aimed at discovering and supporting young entrepreneurs and startups in Turkey. 
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "Value and price are two different things, you can either value a stock or you can price a is the contrast, the price of a stock is determined by demand and supply, mood and momentum and so when you use price earning ratios, and comparable firms and future earnings, you are pricing a company. To value a company you got to go back to basics. The value of a company is built on three pillars. It's cash flows, it's growth, and it's risk. We can dance around those three as much as we want but those are the three driving forces that drive the value of a company."
  • quartz logo
    Excerpt from Quartz -- "'E-commerce grocery shopping is expected to grow rapidly, particularly among the digitally-centered millennial generation. Consumers are beginning to change where and how they buy groceries, and multi-channel supermarkets have to meet these emerging needs,' said Anindya Ghose, a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. 'If an e-commerce retailer is not jumping on board the grocery train, it may not be around to catch that ride a year or two later.'"
  • KMC Flags Exterior 2016 feature
    Faculty in NYU Stern's Marketing Department are available to offer perspectives on this season's holiday trends. In addition to commentary on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, professors can speak to what we will see this year around digital/mobile trends, luxury retail, artificial intelligence and more.
  • fox news
    Excerpt from Fox News -- "I think the war against big tech is going to break out where the biggest wars have broken out and it's in Continental Europe because they register all the downsides, the job destruction, the concerns about privacy, the weaponization of these platforms by foreign entities, but they don't register as much upside as we do in the U.S. We register a lot of upside from big tech."
  • Anindya Ghose on Craigslist and the Rise of STDs
    New research from NYU Stern Professor Anindya Ghose and co-authors, Beibei Li of Carnegie Mellon University and Xitong Guo of the Harbin Institute of Technology, explores how emerging mobile health (mHealth) technologies can persuade chronic-disease patients to modify their behaviors, better manage their care, and achieve improved health outcomes, including reductions in hospital visits and medical expenses over time. 
  • EggersNewHeadshotFeature
    New research from NYU Stern Professor J.P. Eggers and co-author, Joost Rietveld of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), finds that the life cycle of a video game console affects the sales of video games for the platform, as the ratio of early to later adopters tips.
  • – Business and Policy Leader Events

    Author Lecture Series: What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us

    November 16, 2017
    On November 16, The NYU Stern Office of Alumni Relations will host the next installment of the "Author Lecture Series" featuring Tim O’Reilly and Professor Arun Sundararajan. They will discuss researching and findings from O’Reilly’s new book entitled, WTF: What’s the Future and Why It’s Up To Us.
  • thinkadvisor logo
    Excerpt from ThinkAdvisor -- “'Technology can surely create trust on its own in transporting us if our collective experience is that it rarely makes mistakes and doesn’t kill us. We’re not there yet,' [Dhar] said. 'But in the world of investing, which is fraught with uncertainty and unpredictability, trust is indeed a lot harder to engender, but not impossible.'”
  • bloomberg logo feat
    Excerpt from Bloomberg -- "'The sharing economy is really booming in China. It is far and away the biggest sharing economy in the world. Sharing economy activity in China is significantly larger than the sharing economy activity in the United States. This is not just with the traditionally associated industries with the sharing economy like ride hailing, their ride hailing platform, Didi Chuxing, is far far bigger than Uber, but also with other pure sharing activities like bike sharing is really taking off.'"
  • British Psychological Society logo 192 x 144
    Excerpt from the British Psychological Society -- "In a new article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, involving hundreds of US participants recruited online, Isabelle Engeler from IESE Business School and Priya Raghubir at New York University shine some light on the different ways men and women interpret the same dating behaviours."
  • cnn logo feature
    Excerpt from CNN -- "Irv Schenkler, Director of the Management Communication Program at New York University's Stern School of Business, said that companies need to take a balanced approach when developing their social media strategies. On one hand, firms should be engaging with their customers online. On the other, they should be wary of jumping into a controversy too quickly, he advised."
  • thestreet logo feature
    Excerpt from TheStreet -- "'The other thing to remember is GE is basically a manufacturing company, especially since it spun off a lot of its financing, it's a manufacturing company. Manufacturing is less than 10 percent of the US economy, yes it's been expanding a little bit, but we are a services oriented economy, have been for a long time. This is not 1957, this is 2017 and we are going to continue to be a services oriented economy.'"
  • – Research Center Events

    Fall 2017 NYU Stern PhD Program Open House

    November 15, 2017
    Tisch Exterior Close-up Feature
    On Nov. 15, Prospective doctoral candidates are invited to attend an Open House to learn more about the Stern PhD Program and meet Stern faculty and current PhD students. 
  • ManagementFeature
    A graduate student team from a Stern communication course presented their research on public school funding to a closed-door session. 


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