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Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP)

Leverage your time at Stern

The Career Center for Working Professionals (CCWP) is designed to provide the Langone working professional with life-long career support while at Stern.  Langone students have access to:
  • Life-time career coaching services
  • Virtual and in-person event offerings
  • Career path resources like Wetfeet and Vault through Career Account for short- and long-term career guidance
  • Hundreds of job postings that specifically target Stern's working professionals
Langone students are not eligible to participate in NYU Stern's Full-time on-campus recruiting process for summer internships or full-time positions.

Contact a Student

NYU Stern Langone Graduate Ambassadors are here to answer your questions

Edited Tracy GA2
Undergraduate Institution:
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Management of Organizations

Career Focus: 
Financial Services and Strategy

Current Role:
Associate Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, Fitch Ratings

Stern Student Activities:    
Stern Private Equity Club, Management Consulting Association, Stern Investment Management and Research Society

Contact Tracy: SternLGA.Tracy@gmail.com
"The decision to pursue the Langone MBA was life-changing. Not only did it help me pursue the career I always wanted, the flexible program offers training that is relevant to my job. What sets Langone apart is the richness in curriculum, world class professors, extensive alumni network and supportive community and culture. Additionally, the wealth of adjunct faculty provides me with access to top practitioners in the industry."
PT Victoria GA
Undergraduate Institution:
New York University, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Consumer Psychology

Career Focus: 
Marketing and Brand Management

Current Role:
Associate Product Manager, Bath & Body Works

Stern Student Activities:    
Langone Student Government, Stern Opportunity, Stern Women in Business, Graduate Marketing Association, Stern Adventures, Stern Cellar, Entrepreneurs' Exchange

Contact Victoria: SternLGA.Victoria@gmail.com
"Stern perfectly complements my professional development. I have access to top clinical faculty, many of whom have started their own companies. Additionally, the Stern community is full of driven, ambitious individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds who motivate me and challenge me to grow, both in and out of the classroom."
Undergraduate Institution:
Boston University, School of Management, Finance and Operations Management

Career Focus: 
Merchandising and Strategic Planning

Current Role:
Senior Forecasting Manager, North America Wholesale, Coach

Stern Student Activities:    
Luxury and Retail Club, Asian Business Society, DBi Singapore

Contact Amy: SternLGA.Amy@gmail.com
"Stern provides the best of both worlds. I can continue to grow and progress in my career while enjoying the same curriculum and faculty as Stern full-time students. I have taken full advantage of the impressive course offerings, networking opportunities, social events, extracurricular activities and the chance to travel the world!” 

Refund Schedule for students who Withdraw from all classes

Refund Schedule for students who Withdraw from all classes 

The refund schedule below is for students who "Completely Withdraw" from ALL courses during the semester.
Fall 2014
First day of Classes - September 17, 2014

Withdrawal through the Official First Day of the semester (September 17, 2014) 100% of Tuition & Fees
(less your non-refundable deposit). The Lab fee will not be refunded after August 28
Prior to 9/18/2014
September 18, 2014 through the end of the first calendar week of classes 100% of Tuition only 9/18/14 - 9/23/14
Second calendar week of classes 70% of Tuition only 9/24/14 - 9/30/14
Third calendar week of classes 55% of Tuition only 10/01/14 - 10/7/14
Fourth calendar week of classes 25% of Tuition only 10/8/14 - 10/14/14
After the Fourth week of classes   NO REFUND 10/15/14 - forward

Please note that ALL fees (including school related fees) are non-refundable after the Official First Day of semester, September 17, 2014

Class of 2014

As you review the placement statistics, please note that all information is derived from student self-reported data.

Average years of prior work experience:4.6
International and dual citizen:35%
*Information for the class entering Fall 2012

Source of Placement
Stern On/Off-Campus Scheduled Interviews:56%
Stern OCD Job Postings:19%
Personal Contacts:13%
Stern Supported Activities:*8%
Career Fair (External):3%
Pre-Stern Employer:1%
*includes Stern Alumni

Geographical Region
Latin America:2%
Africa & Middle East:1%

Geographical Region: USA

Average Weekly Salary
Total average:$1,850
Weekly Range:$0-4,166

Summer Internship Employment Statistics by Industry
 % of Reported PlacementsMean Weekly Base Salary
Investment Banking27%$1,976$1,923$500-4166
Consumer Products9%$1,587$1,650$300-3461
Diversified Financial Services6%$1,922$1,923$833-3846
Investment Management/Hedge Fund6%$1,749$1,893$400-2789
Private Equity/Venture Captial5%$1,208$1.075$400-2000
Entrepreneurial/Start Up1%$860$600$250-1730
Real Estate1%$1,388$1,250$800-2250

† Other includes Aerospace Transportation, Commercial Banking, Government, Hospitality, Law, Manufacturing, Publishing, and Other

Summer Internship Employment Statistics by Function
 % of Reported PlacementsMean Weekly Base Salary
Investment Banking19%$1,958$1,923$800-2500
General/Corporate Finance8%$1,831$1,842$1000-3461
Business Development6%$1,553$1,615$480-3846
Investment Management4%$1,944$1,923$1850-2000
Private Equity4%$1,661$1,800$800-2800
Strategic Planning4%$1,445$1,400$750-2300
Venture Capital3%$975$750$400-2000
Private Banking/Private Client Services2%$2,090$1,923$1923-2604
Sales & Trading2%$2,212$2,000$1600-4166
General Management/Project Management2%$1,892$2,000$1538-2000
Structured/Project Finance1%$1,446$1,682$400-2020
Product Management1%$2,067$2,000$2000-2200
Other ‡2%$1,893$1,625$1300-3077

‡ Other includes Information Systems, Law, Operations, Risk Management, Social Enterprise, Structured Finance and Venture Capital

This report conforms to the MBA CSEA for reporting MBA employment statistics.

Class of 2013

As you review the placement statistics, please note that all information is derived from student self-reported data.

Average years of prior work experience:4.7
International and dual citizen:33%
*Information for the class entering Fall 2011

Source of Placement
Stern On/Off-Campus Scheduled Interviews:69%
Personal Contacts:16%
Stern OCD Job Postings:6%
Stern Supported Activities:6%
Pre-Stern Employer:3%
Career Fair (External):1%

Geographical Region
Latin America:3%
Middle East & Africa:2%

Geographical Region: USA

Average Annual Salary
Total average:$168,396
Base average:$107,450
Full annual compensation range*:$50,000-$237,600
Signing bonus average**:$32,866
Guaranteed bonus average**:$28,080
*This statistic reflects the range of individual students' full compensation packages, including base salary, signing bonus, and other guaranteed compensation.

**Average bonus statistics are calculated only for those who provided bonus information.

NYU Stern does not include the amount or percentage of equity or stock options, corporate reimbursement for relocation and/or second year tuition expenses in its annual compensation totals.

Full-Time Employment Statistics by Industry
 % of Reported PlacementsMean Base SalaryBase Salary RangeMean Signing BonusMean Guaranteed Bonus
Investment Banking30%$102,473$87,000-140,000$43,494$41,667
Consumer Products8%$97,778$80,000-115,000$21,361$21,283
Diversified Financial Services5%$100,000$80,000-110,000$28,409$31,875
Investment Management/Hedge Fund4%$110,691$80,000-237,600$48,333$16,000
Private Equity/Venture Capital3%$125,400$105,000-150,000n/a$69,850
Entrepreneurial/Start Up2%$95,000$70,000-120,000n/an/a
Real Estate1%n/an/an/an/a

† Other includes Commercial Banking, Energy/Power, Manufacturing, and Other

Full-Time Employment Statistics by Function
 % of Reported PlacementsMean Base SalaryBase Salary RangeMean Signing BonusMean Guaranteed Bonus
Investment Banking19%$103,283$100,000-140,000$45,657$47,917
General/Corporate Finance9%$100,325$85,000-117,000$17,611$15,917
Sales & Trading4%$100,000$100,000-100,000$45,850n/a
Business Development3%$82,750$50,000-125,000$20,000n/a
Strategic Planning3%$105,833$85,000-125,000$25,000n/a
General Management/Project Managment2%$121,267$60,000-237,600$33,750n/a
Investment Managment2%$93,333$80,000-100,000$43,333n/a
Private Equity2%$125,400$105,000-150,000n/a$69,250
Information Systems/Technology1%$115,000$110,000-120,000n/an/a
Private Banking/Private Client Services1%$95,667$87,000-100,000$38,333n/a
Social Enterprise1%$89,00$75,000-100,000n/an/a
Other ‡2%$116,667$100,000-135,000$28,333n/a

‡ Other includes Operations, Real Estate, Structured Finance, and Venture Capital

This report conforms to the MBA CSEA for reporting MBA employment statistics.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

The Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation offers support and resources to students and alumni looking to launch businesses

NYU Stern's Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a comprehensive program of courses and practical experience for future entrepreneurs – those who plan to start their own business, run a family business and those who will be taking over a small organization and hope to make it grow. Read a Forbes interview with Berkley Center Director Luke Williams.

Sponsored by the Berkley Center, the Entrepreneurs' Challenge is comprised of three business plan competitions:

  • New Venture Competition - with winners receiving a share of the $75,000 Rennert Prize, named after benefactor and Stern alumnus Ira Rennert
  • Social Venture Competition - with winners receiving a share of the the $50,000 Social Venture Prize
  • NYU Technology Venture Competition - with winners receiving a share of the $75,000 cash prize, as well as pro-bono support and technical assistance, from the NYU New Venture Innovation Fund
Learn about the competition process from start to finish and watch an MSNBC interview featuring past winners.

Lifelong Career Support

NYU Stern partners with alumni throughout their careers

The Career Center for Woking Professionals (CCWP) provides Stern alumni with a host of programming and resources aimed at advancing careers.
  • Leverage career coaching service
  • Browse our event offerings
  • Refine your skills and access databases such as Wetfeet and Vault through Career Account
  • Explore job postings that target mid to senior level alumni in various industries and functions
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