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Langone MBA Student: New Student Spring 2014

Deferred Tuition Plan (50/50)

50/50 Application & Agreement Spring 2014 Form (click here)

Degree candidates may participate in this plan under the following conditions:
  • Not in arrears (past due) for any NYU charge or loan;
  • Without a previously unsatisfactory NYU credit record;
  • Matriculated and registering for 6 credits or more.
Under the Deferred Tuition Plan, an initial payment of 50 percent of tuition, plus a non- refundable application fee, are due in full upon registration. Under this plan, financial aid awards, student loan credits and any other type of credits given by NYU or an outside agency cannot be used as part of the initial payment. To calculate this initial payment, subtract the financial aid and student loan credits and any other type of credits given by NYU or an outside agency from the TOTAL CHARGES and divide this NET BALANCE in half. THIS IS THE INITIAL 50% PAYMENT.

EXAMPLE: How to calculate your first payment on the 50/50 Plan

Charges                                                Loans , Scholarship & Other Credits
Tuition            =   $20,000.00                      Student Loan   = $10,148.00
Reg/serv fee    =   $ 1,500.00                       Scholarship     = $ 1,800.00
Total charges   =  $21,500.00                      Total credit       = $11,948.00
Total charges      = $21,500.00
Total credit         = ($11,948.00)
NET BALANCE  = $ 9,552.00 divide this in half = $4,776.00

Your first payment on the 50/50 Plan is $4,826.00
($4,776.00 +$50.00 Application fee)

The second payment of 50 percent of tuition is due in full by March 3. A default rate of interest of 12% per annum (1% per month) on the unpaid balance will be assessed if payment is not made in full by the final installment due date (March 3, 2014). Failure to meet payment on time will result in a penalty charge of $100.

If the University refers any unpaid accounts for collection, you will be held responsible for all associated charges including attorney’s fees of up to one third of the balance, to the full extent permitted by law.