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Management and Organizations

Concentrate in Management and Organizations

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.


Management and Organizations Program Requirements (12 units)

To complete the management and organizations area of study, students must complete the following courses in addition to Management and Organizations MGMT-UB 1 and International Studies Program MGMT-UB 11.  
Advanced Management Course 1  MGMT-UB XX

Please see list of approved advanced management courses
Advanced Management Course 2  
Advanced Management Course 3  
Advanced Management Course 4  


Advanced Management Courses
International Business Management MGMT-UB 4
Managing People and Teams MGMT-UB 7
Managing Innovation MGMT-UB 8
Managing in Creative Industries MGMT-UB 9
Strategic Analysis MGMT-UB 18
Managerial Skills MGMT-UB 21
Managing Change MGMT-UB 25
Managing Family Businesses and Privately Held Firms MGMT-UB 28
Negotiation and Consensus Building MGMT-UB 30
Growth Strategy and Management MGMT-UB 35
The Globalization of Business Enterprise MGMT-UB 36
Power & Politics MGMT-UB 66
Patterns of Entrepreneurship MGMT-UB 85
Independent Study in Management MGMT-UB 94-99
Casing Method: Data Analysis & Presentation MULT-UB 5
Decision Models: Spreadsheets and Analytics MULT-UB 7
Competitive Analysis MULT-UB 15
Advanced Decision Models MULT-UB 16
Game Theory MULT-UB 20
Electronic Communities MULT-UB 37
Entrepreneurship for the New Economy MULT-UB 40
Social Impact Consulting MULT-UB 103


Meet with Your Adviser

To ensure proper concentration progress consult your Academic and Faculty Adviser.

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