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Honors and Awards

The Stern School of Business recognizes and rewards students who attain academic excellence and achieve distinction in extracurricular activities. Awards and prizes are presented to those who have shown academic superiority, demonstrated leadership, and made exceptional contributions to the Stern School. Achievement in these areas is acknowledged both during students’ academic tenure and at graduation. Academic and student awards include honorary societies, Dean’s List honors, and a host of commencement awards.

The Dean's List

The Dean's List is compiled at the end of each academic year (September - May). This is a list of matriculated Stern students who have maintained a grade point average of 3.7 or more in a program of study of at least 28 graded units (no less than 12 units in either the fall or spring semester unless it is a senior in their final semester - see below - at Stern and not including courses taken pass/fail) over an academic year. To be listed, a student must have been assigned no grades of incomplete or N*. GPAs are carried to two decimal places but are not rounded off. Graduating seniors who go part-time in their final semester are eligible for Dean's List honors if they have completed at least 22 graded units (not including pass/fail) and maintained a grade point average of at least 3.75 over the academic year. Seniors graduating in January must complete at least 8 graded units in the immediately preceding fall semester (not including pass/fail) and must receive a semester grade point average of at least 3.8 to qualify.

*Seniors in the Honors Program in the fall semester receive an “incomplete” for that semester's grade. However, participants in this program are eligible for Dean's List honors for the fall as long as they have a minimum 3.7 GPA in at least 8 graded units.

Honors Societies

Graduation with Honors: Distinguished academic achievement is recognized by the awarding of degrees with the following distinctions. Information regarding how these distinctions are determined can be found on the University's Registrar's website.

Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) is the national honorary society of collegiate schools of business and has 119 chapters throughout the country. Membership in the society is open to juniors whose grade point average places them in the upper 7% of their class and to seniors whose grade point average places them in the upper 10% percent of their class.
To be eligible for membership in BGS, a student must have completed at least 60 points while matriculated at the college for which he or she received a letter grade (a grade of pass is not acceptable). All courses that appear on the body of the Stern transcript and that fulfill the Stern academic program requirements will be used in computing this grade point average. Students are notified of their eligibility to join BGS based on their cumulative GPA in the spring semester of their junior or senior years and are invited to attend an initiation ceremony, typically held in May.

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