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Code of Conduct

A pledge to uphold Stern's values

The Judiciary Committee is a group of students, faculty and administrators that represents the entire NYU Stern community and serves as a resource to educate students about Stern’s Code of Conduct. In the event of a suspected infraction, the committee initiates an investigation, holds a hearing, and recommends sanctions if necessary.

Review the NYU Stern Code of Conduct for the NYU Stern Community at large.

What this means for you:
  • Take action if you think the NYU Stern Code of Conduct may have been violated
  • Inform the student who may be breaking it
  • If appropriate, speak with a Judiciary Committee member, Tiffany Boselli (Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Judicial Affairs), or an administrator or faculty member

Potential violation process:
  • Written complaint is submitted to the Judiciary Committee
  • The Judiciary Committee initiates investigation to determine whether a violation may have occurred
  • If the complaint appears to be a violation, a hearing is held with a panel of Judiciary Committee members, faculty, and randomly selected students
  • If the hearing concludes a violation has occurred:
    • The Judiciary Committee recommends a sanction to the Dean
    • Sanctions can include: warning, censure, academic sanction, disciplinary probation, monetary fines, suspension, dismissal, expulsion
Contact the Undergraduate Judiciary Committee at judiciarycommittee@stern.nyu.edu.
Corinne Clemente
Priyanka Sewhani

Judicial Committee Members

Anika Advani
Arsh Amin
Kristina Atalla
Janaki Balachandran
Joshua Block
Corinne Clemente
Patrick Glodkowski
Yoo Kim
Yevgeniya Paperno
Priyanka Sewhani
Justin Wych