Code of Conduct

A pledge to uphold Stern's values

The Judiciary Committee is a group of students, faculty and administrators that represents the entire NYU Stern community and serves as a resource to educate students about Stern’s Code of Conduct. In the event of a suspected infraction, the committee initiates an investigation, holds a hearing, and recommends sanctions if necessary.

Review the NYU Stern Code of Conduct for the NYU Stern Community at large. Students found responsible for academic infractions in NYU Stern classes will be restricted from filling out the respective course CFE.

What this means for you:
  • Take action if you think the NYU Stern Code of Conduct may have been violated
  • Inform the student who may be breaking it
  • If appropriate, speak with a Judiciary Committee member, Tiffany Boselli (Assistant Dean of Academic Advising & Judicial Affairs), or an administrator or faculty member

Potential violation process:
  • Written complaint is submitted to the Judiciary Committee
  • The Judiciary Committee initiates investigation to determine whether a violation may have occurred
  • If the complaint appears to be a violation, a hearing is held with a panel of Judiciary Committee members, faculty, and randomly selected students
  • If the hearing concludes a violation has occurred:
    • The Judiciary Committee recommends a sanction to the Dean
    • Sanctions can include: warning, censure, academic sanction, disciplinary probation, monetary fines, suspension, dismissal, expulsion
Committee Chair:
Sohyeon Park

Committee Vice-Chair:
Andres Gomez-Perry