Copenhagen Business School: Student Feedback

Student Profile

Michael Sacco

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Meeting so many international students. 

If you go, you must see...:
The neighborhood of Nørrebro is a very different feel from the rest of Copenhagen (primarily immigrants from Arab regions). Great food and extremely nice people. 

Something about me you might be interested to know:
I studied abroad in 3 locations.  

What I would say to students considering participating in IBEX:
Denmark was a great place and CBS is a fantastic, beautiful, and very different school from NYU.

Contact me about IBEX CBS: 
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Additional Student Profiles

Name: Supna Patel


Student Profile

Supna Patel

What I Would Say to Students Considering Participating in IBEX:
I have gained more memorable experiences in my summer at IBEX Copenhagen than I could ever even hope to have in my entire lifetime. In those 6 weeks, not only did I have fun, learn and make lifelong friends, I also discovered that Copenhagen was going to be my future home.

Contact Me About IBEX CBS:
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Student Feedback


Airline ticket to/from IBEX site: $800 - 1,200 USD
Local Transportation: $100 - $250 USD/semester 
Phone: $100 USD/semester

"I bought a Danish prepaid cell phone, and when I needed to call home I used a phone card."

"From airport to campus - Train; greeted by school representative"

"Brought $6000 spending money and it was not enough"

"It was a very expensive semester because I was traveling almost every other week. Cost of living in Copenhagen (i.e. groceries, food, and drink) is quite expensive."


"Used my ATM card to take out amounts of cash periodically (to avoid the fees as much as possible).  I did not find it worth it to open a bank account."

"I came down with all of my money in travelers checks. I would suggest cashing them all right away and setting up a Danish bank account."



"Private Housing Office matched me with an offer.  I lived with a family in their house nearby campus (~15min bike ride).  This was not a formal home-stay, although Danes are super friendly and welcoming and I was lucky to have a host-relationship with my family.  No meal plan is available - you pay cash/ card at the Kantines on-campus (which were high quality and comparably priced to eating out)."

"Living was great! I stayed in a dorm quite far from campus run independently by a German woman and she was great. All the students got bicycles and really got a feel for the Danish lifestyle. I found it through the IBEX partner school - the dorm was Svanevej."

*Provided by International Office - fully furnished, apartment-style dorm ($320) or Private Apartment (varies)

"Sankt Jorgens and Gammel Kongavej are right in the city center and, in my opinion, the best choice."

"Ate meals on campus, out, & cooked own meals"


"Attendance is not required (it's a school policy to not take attendance).  Assignments and papers vary, but are generally infrequent.  Readings are your prep for the lectures. All of my courses were graded 100% on the final exam/paper."

"Workload is easier than at Stern; Grading is about the same as Stern; and teaching styles are lectures, overheads, etc. like Stern."

Course Registration

"Course offerings for LAST term available and used to select "tentative" courses with Stern in the Spring; Course offerings for CURRENT/UPCOMING term available mid-July to early-August -- many classes remain available but it is possible that some courses will not be offered due to not enough students registered -- BUT there are plenty of courses options that would transfer as marketing/ management."

Course Recommendations

"Arts Management & Cultural Entrepreneurship exposed to many art theories and cultural opportunities/trends from a global perspective (with students from all around the world).  The "managerial stretch" felt more like a common sense means to having cultural impact, which I enjoyed.  Overall, the courses at CBS are very specific and use business concepts as tool to study other topics and industries to gain a better understanding of how both influence each other."

"Knowledge Management (for Information Systems majors)"

"My favorite class was Business Strategy. It was interesting material, which could be applied in any country or business setting."

Student Life

"Spent most of my time either with my host family (and their acquaintances), and other international students at school. There are MANY internationals, and if you partake in the Exchange Social Program intro weeks and events, you are sure to meet a lot of friends!  You can meet students from the host country in your classes.  Full-time students are all tracks with specific, pre-planned curriculum paths, so you will meet them if you take a required course of theirs (ie, I took Fundamentals of Communication which was a first-year course of the Info Management track)."

"Did not participate in extracurricular activities, though there are MANY clubs available.  Many of them are business-related, and many are not -- Whiskey club, Dance clubs, sports..etc)."

"Student life was fun! Many danish students weren't present as it was a summer program, but I ended up meeting a few really nice people and many international students. Great experience!"

"Students are very friendly and helpful. There is plenty to do in Copenhagen, including a lot of great museums and other cultural sites (which are all free on Wednesdays)."

"Every Wednesday night, Studenthuset has an international student night, which is always fun and cheap."

Restaurants, Shopping, Must-See Sites

"Strøget - shopping / Christiania  / Torvehallerne - market/food vendors" 

"The Little Mermaid, Tivoli with Christmas Lights"

"Christiania is a must-see"

Travel Tips

"Denmark -- via Exchange Social Program / Berlin -- via Exchange Social Program  / Amsterdam -- via train from Berlin during fall break  / Sweden -- day trip via train  /  / Utilize program for cheaper / pre-planned trips."

"I just did one road trip around Denmark with a Danish friend. I would definitely recommend making friends with the Danes! They are very nice and happy to show you around, even if they are cold at first. We took a bus to his home and then drove with his family car."

"I traveled extensively. Copenhagen is separated from the rest of Europe, so flights were usually necessary. Cheap flights can be found on Ryan Air and other discount airlines."

"The flight to Copenhagen is only 6 hours or so, it's not bad. Try Canada Air."

Culture Shock

"Don't try crossing the streets when the walk sign's off, even if it's 4 am and there is not a single car around."

Necessary Language Skills

"Everyone, including hot dog vendors speak English, so its not a problem."

What You Will Need

"Buy a bike! Save money!"

"Warm clothes"