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Undergraduate Current Students | Copenhagen Business School

Buildings and boats line a channel in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Business School

Spend the semester at Denmark's most internationally-oriented institution of higher education.

About Copenhagen Business School

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Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is Denmark's most internationally-oriented institution of higher education, as well as the one university in Denmark offering the most comprehensive range of university level degrees in business economics and modern languages. CBS is also one of the 3 largest business schools in Northern Europe. It is a richly stimulating international and multicultural environment in which to work and study. CBS aims to contribute to the creation of value in society and in enterprises and to develop research-based knowledge in partnership with the business community.


Term Dates

Copenhagen Business School offers IBEX opportunities in the fall and spring semesters, as well as a summer semester program.

  • Fall semester: late-August to late-December
  • Spring semester: late-January to late-June
  • Summer Program: late-June to early-August (see details below - jump link)


Dates are approximate and may be subject to change.


Housing and Living Costs

  • Housing: The housing application process is on a first-come, first-served basis, and on-campus accommodation is not guaranteed. However, the CBS Housing Department facilitates a private housing option as a supplement to campus housing in the fall semester, when demand for residence halls is especially high. The cost for housing is approximately 4,284 – 7,856 DKK/month.
  • Food and daily expenses: 1,500 – 3,000 DKK/month.
  • Books and supplies: 100 – 2,000 DKK/semester
  • Transportation (bus, train, metro): 700 – 2,700 DKK/month if you travel every day

DKK = Danish Krone

Find out more about IBEX tuition, housing, and other logistics.  


Language of Instruction

Danish and English. A Danish Crash Course is offered the week prior to the Introduction Week.


Student Services

The Copenhagen Business School has a "buddy system" arrangement in which each exchange/guest student will be assigned a Danish "buddy" to help in getting through the first few weeks in the new surroundings. This includes being picked up in the airport, help with registration at the National Registry, advice on shopping, post offices, and other practical matters. "Buddies" are CBS students who have volunteered to help one or more international students. Throughout the semester various activities are planned for the international students and their buddies.

CBS Summer Program Overview

The summer semester IBEX opportunity at CBS is unique to Copenhagen Business School. Known as the International Summer University Program (ISUP), it runs from late June to early August.  Unlike the fall and spring programs which are full semesters, the ISUP program takes place over 6 1/2-weeks. It offers you the option of completing the equivalent of a half semester (8 NYU credits) in a multicultural environment. A full load will consist of two courses taught by outstanding academics. Active involvement of international senior executives from Danish and multinational companies will be an integral part of many of the courses.


Summer Program Term Dates 

  • Summer Program: late-June to early-August


Summer Program Housing and Living Costs 

NYU summer tuition applies to this program on a per-credit basis for 8 NYU Stern credits: approximately $12,000. This is in addition to the housing, transportation, book and personal expenses you will have for this program, similar to the expenses outlined above for the semester program.

Find out more about IBEX tuition, housing, and other logistics. 

Academic Information

If you are accepted to IBEX, you will attend two advising meetings to plan and revise your schedule: one individual advising meeting with NYU Stern Academic Advising and one group advising meeting with the NYU Stern Global Experiences team. As you build your academic schedule for your semester abroad, carefully review and consider the following course information.


IBEX Course Information

  • You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX.
  • Leave room for at least two general electives in your schedule. This allows you to:
    • Take interesting, location-specific courses not offered at Stern, and
    • Have more flexibility during the course registration process.
  • Reference the IBEX Course Guide: What you can or cannot take.
    • You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration.
    • Accounting courses cannot be taken for credit toward the Accounting or CPA majors/concentrations.
    • All IBEX grades will transfer back to NYU Stern as Pass/Fail.


Previously Approved Courses

  • Listed below are courses that were taken previously by Stern IBEX students and have already been approved for a specific NYU equivalent.
  • There is no guarantee that the courses listed here will be offered during the specific semester you study abroad. It is important to be flexible. Have a Plan A and Plan B and the space to take some electives.
  • If a course is already listed here as approved, it does not need to be reviewed again, unless you want to see if it will count towards a new requirement.


Finding New Courses

  • You are not limited to only taking the courses listed on this page.
  • If you see a course on CBS's website that you would like to take, but is not listed below, you must submit the syllabus to Stern’s Global Experiences team for approval.
  • Once CBS publishes its confirmed courses for the semester you will be attending, you can revise your list as needed based on what is actually being offered.
  • Please note: CBS has a separate course list for its International Summer University Program (ISUP). 


List of Approved Fall and Spring Semester Courses

List of Approved Courses
*Please note that any pre-approved business course can also come back as a general Stern elective
Course Title AbroadNYU CreditsCourse Equivalent at NYUSemester Taken
BA-BBLCU6001U The Corporation in Society: Managing Beyond Markets4SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL)Spring 2024
BA-BBLCV1703U Introduction to Leadership: Conventional and Critical Perspectives4SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL) Fall 2022
BA-BBLCV1162U Scandinavian Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility4SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL) OR Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Fall 2022
BA-BPOLV1093U The Philosophy and Economics of Inequality in the 21st Century4Texts & IdeasFall 2023
BSOCO1026U Theories of Contemporary Society II4Texts & IdeasSpring 2018
BINBO1320U Microeconomics4ECON-UB 1 Microeconomics with AlgebraFall 2022
BA-BPOLO1281U International Economics4ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business (EGB)Fall 2018
KAN-CCMVV1417U Neuromarketing4Advanced Marketing ElectiveSpring 2021
BA-BBLCV1160U Marketing - The Essentials and the Trend Driver4Advanced Marketing ElectiveFall 2017
BA-BBLCV6000U Fashion Entrepreneurship and Business Development4Advanced Marketing Elective OR Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2017, Fall 2022
Globalization and Sustainability4Advanced Global Business Elective OR Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Fall 2022
BA-BHAAV6043U International Business and Sustainable Development4Advanced Global Business Elective OR Sustainable Business ElectiveFall 2021, 2022
BA-BJURV1082U International Commercial Law4Advanced Global Business ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BPSYV1035U Language of Negotiations4Advanced Management Elective OR General non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2022, 2024
BHAAV2482U Doing Business in Europe: A case-based approach4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2024
Event and Festival Management4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV6006U Corporate Strategy4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BBLCV1401U Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management - Drivers of Success and Complexity4Advanced Management Elective OR General non-Stern ElectiveSpring & Fall 2022
BA-BHAAV6021U Global People Management: Human Resource Management & Leadership4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV6034U Google, Uber, Amazon: The Management of Platform Businesses4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV2274U Apple, Amazon, Alibaba: The Ethics of Digital Business4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BHAAV5006U Innovation Management4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2022
BHAAV1040E Business Strategy4MGMT-UB 18 Strategic AnalysisSpring 2022
BA-BJURO2504U Organizational Analysis4MGMT-UB 1 Management and OrganizationsSpring 2024
BA-BHAAV1815U Strategic Leadership & Corporate GovernanceAdvanced Management ElectiveFall 2021
BA-BHAAV1816U Hot Topics in Management/Modern Managerial Issues4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2021
BA-BHAAV2003U Google, Ebay, Amazon - Management Challenges in Networked Businesses4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2018
BHAAV1042U International Management4Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2021
Quantitative Methods II4Advanced Statistics ElectiveSpring 2018
CBUSV2036U - Applying Data Analytics in Digital Business4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective Spring 2022
BA-BINTV2002U Database Theories and Applications4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2019
BA-BINTV1051U Big Data Analytics for Managers4Advanced Computing and Data Science ElectiveFall 2017
BA-BHAAV2389U Behavioral Finance4FINC-UB 29 Behavioral Finance OR Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2017, Spring 2023
BHAAV6089U Undergraduate International Finance4FINC-UB 30 International Financial ManagementFall 2022
BA-BPOLV1023U Financing the Green Transition4Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV6094U Applied Pricing Management: Behavior, Strategy, and Customer Value4Advanced Finance Elective Spring 2022
BHAAV4491U Financial derivatives and their applications4Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2018
BA-BHAAV2262U Entrepreneurial Finance  Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2017
BFILV2201U A Practical Guide to Fixing the World: A crash course in transformative problem solving4General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2024
BA-BINBV1106U Danish – Integrated Skills4General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022, Spring 2024
BA-BPSYV1035U Language of Negotiations4General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2022
BA-BSACO1005U  Management of Cultural Projects, Processes and Organizations: Arts and Culture4General Stern ElectiveSpring 2023
BA-BBLCO2022U Cultural Analysis for Business4General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV1988U Retail Marketing4General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
Managing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Harnessing Virtual Team Work in a Digital World4General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV6033U Brand Management4General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
BA-BHAAV2702U Digital Transformation of Business4General Stern Elective OR Entrepreneurship ElectiveSpring 2022, Spring 2023
BA-BSACO1021U Cultural Entrepreneurship: Arts and Culture4Entrepreneurship ElectiveSpring 2023
BA-BSTHO1022U Tourism Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability4Entrepreneurship Elective OR Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Spring 2023, Spring 2024
BBLCV2410U Societal Challenges for a Green Transition4Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Fall 2024
BHAAV2270U Business, gender and labour market inequality4Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Fall 2024
BISHV2401U Strategic Management and Sustainability in Maritime Business4Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Fall 2024
BA-BINBO1427U Corporate Governance4Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Spring 2024
BA-BSTHO1023U Sustainable Tourism Supply and Innovation4Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2024
BA-BBLCV2301U Marketing Essentials in a Perspective of Future Sustainability4Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Spring 2024
BA-BHAAV2276U Green Transition and Business Innovation4Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2024
BA-BHAAV6040U Sustainability and Business: Energy Markets, Competition, and Regulation4Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Fall 2022
BA-BHAAV5003U Introduction to Sustainable Business4Sustainable Business ElectiveFall 2021


List of Approved Summer Program Courses


List of Approved Courses
Course Title AbroadNYU CreditsCourse Equivalent at NYUSemester Taken
BEOKV1005U Understanding Globalization4Global Business ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1002U Brand Management4Advanced Marketing Elective  Summer 
BHAAI1003U Consumer Behavior and Customer Analysis4MKTG - UB 2 Consumer BehaviorSummer 
BHAAI1004U Corporate Anthropology and Organizational Ethnography4Advanced Management ElectiveSummer 
BHAAI1007U Diversity and Change Management4Advanced Management ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1011U Undergraduate Financial Modeling4Advanced Finance ElectiveSummer 
BHAAI1013U International Financial Management and Hedging4Advanced Finance ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1014U International marketing management – Strategic thinking for managing and marketing in a global economy4MKTG-UB 64 Global Marketing ManagementSummer 
BHAA|1015U Introduction to Marketing4MKTG-UB 1 Intro to MarketingSummer 
BHAAI1016U Foundational perspectives in leading and managing organizations4MGMT-UB 1 Management & OrganizationsSummer
BHAAI1018U Managing Strategically for Environmental Sustainability: Lessons from China4Advanced Management ElectiveSummer 
BHAAI1029U Undergraduate Econometrics4Advanced Economics ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1041U Organizational Behavior4MGMT-UB 1 Management & OrganizationsSummer
BHAAI1047U Politics and Economics of Globalization4Advanced Economics ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1050U Psychology of Decision Making4Stern ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1054U Risk Management & Governance4Advanced Computing & Data Services ElectiveSummer
BHAAI1056U Intercultural Negotiation4Elective (CAS)Summer