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About HEC Paris

"HEC (Hautes Etudes Commerciales) Paris is considered to be one of the “four aces” in training the French elite. Unique to France, the “Grande Ecole” concept was introduced by Napoleon so that “the best and the brightest” could be channeled into his ministries, armies and engineering corps. HEC's School of Management is among the first business schools in Europe and the first in France to hold the Triple Crown Accreditation. HEC has a long-established tradition of welcoming international students to its lively and friendly campus: an ideal environment in which to live and learn for over 3500 students from 80 nationalities in our programs." - HEC Paris

Note: Stern has established an UNDERGRADUATE exchange with HEC at the third year (or what they call "foundation" year) of their five-year program for top French students. The HEC five-year program consists of two year of rigorous study that some consider equivalent to the first two years of a bachelors program. This is is followed by an additional three-year program where students complete their bachelor studies and then commence their master level studies. HEC students earn a master's degree at the end of their five year program.

Term Dates

  • Fall Semester: September to December
  • Spring Semester: January to May
Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

Approximate Living Expenses

  • Housing: €450 - 580/month
  • Food: approximately 15€/day based on meals at the on-campus student restaurant
  • Culture and Recreation: €100-120/month
  • Transportation: €30-70/month
  • Insurance: approximately 215€ as in France, every student under 28 years old is required to register for the French student social security insurance system
  • Visa: $100 USD for Campus France registration, plus approximately $60 for a Long Stay Student Visa
Note: € = Euro

Language of Instruction

English or French


Students are offered on campus accommodation and prices vary according to room type from 450€ - 580€/month. Accommodation is guaranteed to all exchange students, but accommodation type is not as it is subject to availability.

Student Services

  • An active International Student Association that hosts weekly social events
  • Over 100 student associations
  • Sports Activities

Did You Know?

HEC Paris is the most selective business school in France with a 4% admission rate

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