Luigi Bocconi University: Student Feedback


Student Profile

Nilay Shah

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Meeting students from all around the world in my dorm!

Who I spent most of my time with abroad:
Americans and other international students - however, if you make a bit of an effort, it's really easy to meet Italians!  They're very friendly.

Something about me you might be interested to know:
I studied at NYU Prague the semester before going to Milan for IBEX.

Student Profile

Lily Sherman

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Traveling and meeting people!  Being in new environments and exploring!

Advice to Stern students considering IBEX:
Don't be afraid to explore!  Say yes to any and all travel.  Be mindful of money but don't let it burden you--you only have one chance to have the best semester abroad.

Something about me you might be interested to know:
I run half marathons and traveling/studying abroad did not de-rail my training!

Additional Feedback from Students


Airline ticket to/from IBEX site: $1,000 - $1,400 USD
Housing: $2,400 - $3,750 USD/semester
Food: $1,000 USD/semester
Books: $120 - $200 USD
Local Transportation: $50 - $100 USD/semester
Entertainment: $500 USD/semester
Phone: $90 USD/semester

"Capital One had great cards without fees that were a great value abroad. Highly recommended."


"I lived in Arcobaleno Residence hall -- it's a converted hotel about 30 minutes from school. The location is definitely not the best, but the people here are what make the dorm so incredible. It's largely composed of international students (a lot of Americans, Australians, Canadians, Spaniards, Indians, and Chinese) with a few Italian students here and there. It's nice to be in an environment where everyone gets close so easily and starts planning travels together from week one."

"Residence -- Dubini: No meal plan. Living situation was good, although the whole Bocconi area and living arrangements are not in an exciting area of central Milan."


"The grading system and expectations were not as transparent as compared to Stern.  The quality of the instruction was also different because teachers were not as charismatic and classes were much larger.  The workload involved reading and some online quizzes/tests to gauge learning."

"Bocconi is an extremely highly ranked school in Italy and Europe; however, I would say the quality of education is less here than it is at Stern for the most part. Grades are out of 30, and it's very hard to get a 28, 29, or 30. However, a 22-25 is very manageable with some work. I'm very glad that our classes are pass/fail because the students here whose grades transferred back had complained all semester about professors who wouldn't give more than a 25, etc."

Course Recommendations

"My favorite class was ‘The Enterprise and International Markets' with Professor Carlo Alberto Carneval-Maffe. He was an engaging and very knowledgeable professor, and used real life examples from cases and his own career to teach about forming strategies within a company."

"Corporate Finance with Professor Wagner was great! Very good professor, manageable coursework, and great learning opportunities with him."

"The course structure of Corporate Valuation was sometimes frustrating and there were many gaps to fill outside of class."

Restaurants, Shopping & Must-See Sites

"La Fontanella (Bar) and Old Fashion (Club) were our two favorites this semester!"

"The International Student Organization at Bocconi is great at organizing club nights and get-togethers. Old fashioned is great when they have events there. Fratelli la Bufala is a good chain pizza place. California Bakery (multiple), Stendhal (Brera) / Chocolatini (Duomo)."

"Cinqueterra and Sicily"

"DaWilly has huge pizzas that are really good. Cool Clubs: Casablanca, Rolling Stone, Just Cavalli."

"It's really expensive in Milan usually, but Corso Vittorio Emmanuele has a huge H&M which changes it's inventory every 2 weeks and is pretty cheap."

Travel Tips

"I traveled almost every weekend.  Traveling from Milan is extremely cheap- to explore Italy, you can fly or take TrenItalia or Italo, to travel to other countries, you'll end up taking EasyJet and RyanAir a lot!"

"I took 10 trips abroad from Milan--it was very easy. I would recommend booking as early as possible although doing it on short notice isn't horrible price wise. For cheaper lodging than hotels airbnb is great although you have to be discerning."

"Bring a big suitcase with not a lot of stuff because you will end up buying a lot."

"I traveled to the Riviera. It was 2 hours from Milan, and absolutely gorgeous. The train ride was about €15 each way. I would recommend a rail pass only if you're going to A LOT! I mean it costs around €500, so don't buy it unless you want to hike all around Europe!"

Language Skills

"Italian is very helpful. High level gives you many more options."

What You Should Bring

"Clothes for all seasons; it's damp and cold in the winter."