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Undergraduate Current Students | Luigi Bocconi University

An architectural feature in Milan
Milan, Italy

Luigi Bocconi University

Spend a semester at Bocconi University in the heart of Milan.

Program Overview

About Luigi Bocconi University

Luigi Bocconi University logo

Bocconi was established in Milan in 1902, with a generous endowment from Ferdinando Bocconi, a wealthy merchant who intended to commemorate his son lost in battle overseas. Bocconi thus became the first Italian institution of higher education to grant a degree in economics. Today, Bocconi is a research university of international standing in business, economics, and law. Its research projects are funded by national and supranational institutions. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors.


Term Dates

Bocconi offers IBEX opportunities in the fall and spring semesters.

  • Fall semester: mid-September to late-December (Special exam sessions organized in December for exchange students)
  • Spring semester: mid-February to late-May (Exam session in June)

Dates are approximate and may be subject to change.


Approximate Living Expenses

  • Housing: On campus housing is approximately €2900 – €4200 per month. Exchange students can request accommodation in Bocconi’s dorms through the International Student Desk (ISD) Housing Office when completing the online application for the exchange program. Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Food: approximately 5€ for a complete meal at the university restaurant or €10 at a nearby cafe.
  • Books and class materials: €50 – 100 per course.
  • Local transportation: around €22 per month for the bus pass.
  • Health insurance:  approximately €49 for 6 months coverage, €98 for 12 months coverage (obligatory for non-EU citizens).
  • Permit of stay: approximately €120/semester.

€ = Euro

Find out more about IBEX tuition, housing, and other logistics.


Language of Instruction

English and Italian


Student Services

The student services available to exchange students include:

  • An Italian Language Crash Course at the beginning of the semester
  • Welcome activities including city tours and a welcome cocktail event
  • An active international students group that hosts weekly social activities

Academic Information

If you are accepted to IBEX, you will attend two individual advising meetings to plan and revise your schedule: one with NYU Stern Academic Advising and one with the NYU Stern Global Experiences team. As you build your academic schedule for your semester abroad, carefully review and consider the following course information.


IBEX Course Information

  • You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX.
  • Leave room for at least two general electives in your schedule. This allows you to:
    • Take interesting, location-specific courses not offered at Stern, and
    • Have more flexibility during the course registration process.
  • Reference the IBEX Course Guide: What you can or cannot take.
    • You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration.
    • Accounting courses cannot be taken for credit toward the Accounting or CPA majors/concentrations.
    • All IBEX grades will transfer back to NYU Stern as Pass/Fail.


Previously Approved Courses

  • Listed below are courses that were taken previously by Stern IBEX students and have already been approved for a specific NYU equivalent.
  • There is no guarantee that the courses listed here will be offered during the specific semester you study abroad. It is important to be flexible. Have a Plan A and Plan B and the space to take some electives.
  • If a course is already listed below as approved, it does not need to be reviewed again, unless you want to see if it will count towards a new requirement.


Finding New Courses

  • You are not limited to only taking the courses listed on this page.
  • If you see a course on Bocconi’s website that you would like to take, but it is not listed below, you must submit the syllabus to Stern’s Global Experiences team for approval.
  • Once Bocconi publishes its confirmed courses for the semester you will be attending, you can revise your list as needed based on what is being offered.


List of Approved Courses

Please note that exchange students have encountered challenges enrolling in Text and Ideas, and, Cultures and Contexts equivalent courses due to limited humanities courses at Bocconi. As with all topics, it is very important to continue to be as flexible as possible when selecting courses.

List of Approved Courses
**Please note that any pre-approved business course can also come back as a General Stern Elective
Course Title AbroadNYU CreditsCourse Equivalent at NYUSemester Taken
30331 - Political Philosophy3Texts & IdeasSpring 2023
30524 Economic History 3Cultures and Contexts OR General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021, Fall 2022
30035 - Economic History and History of Economic Thought3Cultures & Contexts OR Texts & IdeasSpring 2018, Spring 2020
30284 Empirical Methods for Economics (Introduction to Econometrics)3ECON-UB 251 Econometrics ISpring 2022
30387 Climate Change Economics3ECON-UB 225 Business and the EnvironmentSpring 2022
Mind And Society: Intro to Cognitive Sciences3Advanced Economics ElectiveSpring 2023

 30418 - Computanional Microeconomics (Game Theory)


 Advanced Economics Elective

Spring 2022
30195 - Economics (Poverty, Inequality and Income Distribution)3Advanced Economics ElectiveFall 2021
30172 Financial Macroeconomics3Advanced Economics Elective OR Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2018
30264 Public Finance3Advanced Economics ElectiveFall 2017

 30326 - Introduction to Economics (Module II -Macroeconomics)


 ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business

Spring 2024
30443 International Macroeconomics 3ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global BusinessFall 2023
30409 Macroeconomics4ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global BusinessFall 2021
30057 International Economics3ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business (Also approved for International Economics BPE Requirement)Spring 2021
30054 International and Monetary Economics3ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global BusinessFall 2020
30576 - Institutions and Global Strategy3Advanced Global Business ElectiveFall 2023
30017 - Corporate Finance3FINC-UB 7 Corporate FinanceFall 2023
30150 - Introduction to Options and Futures3FINC-UB 43 DerivativesFall 2023
30511 - Fintech for Banking and Financial Transformation3MULT-UB 80 Foundations of Fintech OR General Stern ElectiveSpring 2019, Spring 2023
30608 - Behavioral and Experimental Finance3FINC-UB 29 Behavioral FinanceSpring 2023
30186 Venture and Development Capital3FINC-UB 61 Topics in Entrepreneurial FinanceFall 2021
30026 Monetary Economics4Advanced Finance Elective Fall 2021

 30006 - Financial Markets and Institutions


 Advanced Finance Elective 

Fall 2023

 30257 Corporate Valuation


 Advanced Finance Elective

Fall 2023
30518 Introduction to Blockchain3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2021
30285 Empirical Methods for Finance (Introduction to Econometrics for Finance)3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2021
20198 Financial Management and Financial Markets3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2021
30187 Alternative Investments3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2021
30173 Corporate Banking3FINC-UB 45 The Financial Service IndustryFall 2021
30468 International Economics and Finance4Advanced Finance Elective OR ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global BusinessSpring 2020, Fall 2020
30434 Finance Module 2 (Financial System)3Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2020
Business Valuation3Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2018
30177 - Financial Modelling3Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2020
30180 Equity Portfolio Management3FINC-UB 44 Portfolio ManagementFall 2018
Principles of International Finance3FINC-UB 30 International Financial ManagementSpring 2018
Risk Management with Derivatives3FINC-UB 43 DerivativesSpring 2018

 30421 Information Systems Management


Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective OR INFO-UB 1 Info Tech in Business and Society

Fall 2021, Fall 2023
30416 Big Data and Databases3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2021
30600 - Social Networks in Organizations3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective OR BEMT Minor (Stern Requirement)Spring 2023
30607 - Foundations of Data Science3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveSpring 2023
30514 Big Data For Business Analytics3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveSpring 2020
30517 Python Programming for Economics, Management, and Finance3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveSpring 2020
30495 Innovation and Big Data for the Public Sector3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveSpring 2020

Business Strategy

4MGMT-UB 18Spring 2024

Organization Theory


MGMT-UB 1 Management and Organizations 

Fall 2017, Fall 2023
30450 - Fundamentals of Management4MGMT-UB 18 Strategic AnalysisFall 2023

 30529 - Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation in the Fashion Industry


Advanced Management Elective OR General Stern Elective

Spring 2021, Spring 2024

 30034 Management of Public and Not For Profit Organizations


Advanced Management Elective

Fall 2023
30297 - Managing Creativity3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2021
30275 Le Imprese della Moda: Modelli di Business e Strategie di Sviluppo Emergenti3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2020
30298 Diversity Management and Policy3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2020
30379 Country Specific Business Models in Fashion and Luxury3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2020
30525 Digital Strategy3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2020
Introduction to Management Consulting3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2019
30263 Organizing Entrepreneurship3Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2018
30222 New Product Development & Open Innovation3Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2018
30512 International Nonprofit Organizations and Strategic Philanthropy3Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2018
30221 Management of Fashion Companies3Advanced Management Elective OR Advanced Global Business ElectiveFall 2018, Spring 2021
30269 - Competitive Strategies in Creative Industries3OPMG-UB 1 Operations ManagementFall 2021
30602 - Consumer Insights3Advanced Marketing ElectiveSpring 2023
30259 New Products and Product Management3Advanced Marketing ElectiveFall 2021
30439 Green Marketing3Advanced Marketing Elective OR Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Spring 2023, Spring 2020
30376 Communication and Cultural Consumption Decisions3Advanced Marketing ElectiveSpring 2020
30226 Marketing Distribution3Advanced Marketing ElectiveSpring 2020
30223 - Marketing Communication3MKTG-UB 3 AdvertisingFall 2021
30498 Principles of E-Marketing and E-Commerce3MKTG-UB 57 Digital MarketingFall 2018
30015 Marketing3MKTG-UB 1 Introduction to MarketingFall 2017
30492 Entrepreneurship and New Business Startup3MULT-UB 301 The Startup Lab (not an equivalent to MGMT-UB 85 Entrepreneurship)Spring 2021
Family Business Strategy3Advanced Entrepreneurship ElectiveSpring 2018
Sustainable Operations Management3Operations Management Elective OR Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Spring 2023
30383 - Digital Disruption and Entrepreneurship3BEMT Minor - Stern (Business) RequirementSpring 2023
30380 The Global Industry of Imaginaries3BEMT Minor - Stern (Business) RequirementFall 2021

 30067 - Storia Economica / Economic History

3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2023

 History of European Integration

3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2023
30528 - Sociology4General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2023
30469 - Critical Approaches To the Arts II - Module I (Television and Culture)3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2023
30487 - Political Regimes 3General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2023
30196 - International Relations3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021, Spring 2023
30317 Political Science and Comparative Politics3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022

 30483 Politics of Advanced Democracies

4General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2024
30372 Global History3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
30497 Health and Society3General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2019
30036 Cultural Anthropology3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022
30509 Computer Programming3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2018
30571 - Fashion Collection and Sustainability3Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2023
30575 - Managing The Green Transition: The Role of Utilities3Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2023
30465 - Organizational Behavior and Social Psychology4General Stern ElectiveFall 2023
30283 Markets, Organizations, and Incentives3General Stern ElectiveSpring 2019
Entrepreneurial Strategy3General Stern ElectiveSpring 2018
30178 International Banking3MULT-UB 27 The Financial SystemFall 2017
30262 Leadership Skills3SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL) OR Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2016, Fall 2018