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Luigi Bocconi University: Student Feedback

Peer Evaluation- Bocconi

Student Profile

Joy Li

Highlight of my semester abroad:

Getting to backpack throughout Europe, meeting interesting people from all parts of the world, trying new food, learning first-hand about foreign cultures and experiencing a new way of life.

Interesting fact I learned about the country where I studied:

Italy is a beautiful country full of history and culture. It also has some of the most diverse historical landmarks and natural landscapes out of all the European countries. From the beautiful Gothic styled Duomo in Milan to the charming Tuscan country-side, to the breathtaking clear blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, Italy is truly an unforgettable gem!

Contact me about IBEX Bocconi
Joy Li - jdl1403@stern.nyu.edu

Additional Feedback from Students

What You Should Bring

"Clothes for all seasons; it's damp and cold in the winter."

Language Skills

"Italian is very helpful. High level gives you many more options."

Course Recommendations

"My favorite class was ‘The Enterprise and International Markets’ with Professor Carlo Alberto Carneval-Maffe. He was an engaging and very knowledgeable professor, and used real life examples from cases and his own career to teach about forming strategies within a company."

Sites Not to Miss

"Cinqueterra and Sicily"

Restaurant, Club, and Shopping Suggestions

Restaurants: "DaWilly has huge pizzas that are really good. Cool Clubs: Casablanca, Rolling Stone, Just Cavalli."
Shopping: "It’s really expensive in Milan usually, but Corso Vittorio Emmanuele has a huge H&M which changes it’s inventory every 2 weeks and is pretty cheap."

Travel Tips

"Bring a big suitcase with not a lot of stuff because you will end up buying a lot."

"I traveled to the Riviera. It was 2 hours from Milan, and absolutely gorgeous. The train ride was about €15 each way. I would recommend a rail pass only if you’re going to A LOT! I mean it costs around €500, so don’t buy it unless you want to hike all around Europe!"