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Goenka Fall 2012 Singapore

Student Profile

Abhijay Goenka

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Hiking between rice paddies in the mountains of Vietnam or taking in the view at the Infinity Pool on the top of Marina Bay Sands with 20 of my fellow exchange students from all around the world.

Interesting fact I learned about the country where I studied:
In order to limit traffic congestion, Singapore requires drivers to own permits called Certificates of Entitlement (COE), which are sold at auction. Including the cost of these permits, the average price of a 2012 Volkswagon Passat sedan is $152,000 in Singapore.

What I would say to students interested in participating in IBEX:
It is a very unique experience that truly immerses you in the local culture and is a fantastic way to build a global network. Through IBEX, I now have a network of friends spanning almost every continent.

Additional Feedback from Students

Expenses (US dollars)

Food: $30
Local Transportation: $5
Books: $100/semester
Entertainment: $10
Phone: $15/month (refilled AT&T calling card)
Airline ticket: around $1,500


"Found out about housing prior to arrival, Cost - about $550 USD for one semester."

"On-campus residence hall, fully furnished, traditional style (reccommend Prince George's Park but there is no air conditioning)."

"Ate at campus cafeterias and restaurants."


"Workload: About the same as Stern. (but there was no TA available for extra help)."

"Grading: About the same as Stern."

"Teaching Style: Lectures and group projects."

"Recommended Courses: Asia Pacific Business and Society with Ishtiaq Mahmood (almost every exchange student was in it and there was a wide variety of perspectives on different topics."

"Overall Appraisal: the experience has been wonderful. The problems I experienced had nothing to do with social/student life but more for the lack of support for exchange students when it came to academic matters."


"It was extremely easy to travel because Singapore is in such a central location. Check out all of the travel agencies in Chinatown because they offer the best deals. The absolute best airline to travel on is Air Asia, it is so cheap!!!"

"Money/Expenses: brought $4,000 with me and it was enough to cover all my expenses; Singapore is less expensive that New York you can also withdraw money from your checking account in the states through ATM."

"Comments: I lived very comfortably on that money. It included traveling, dorm, living expenses, and everything else. Things are incredibly cheap there - most especially the food! You also find great deals to go traveling. Things are far cheaper over there than in NY and that is true even before the conversion!:

"Students: friendly and helpful."

"Comments: It's a big change from the States and it takes a lot of getting used to. In comparison to the States, the dorms were not very nice but for Singapore my hall was really good."

"Overall Appraisal: I loved Singapore. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I met some really great people, had the chance to travel around, and just experience life in another country. I had a wonderful experience there. Things were quite different from NY and though it was often irritating to deal with those issues I still had a great time in Singapore. The only thing I disliked about my trip was the administration at NUS. They are so unaccommodating and so strict about not breaking any rules. I found them extremely difficult to deal with. They refused to budge or concessions despite medical certification! Just a word of advice - don't back down on things that need to be done. You have to be persistent and eventually you will get your way (except when dealing with NUS). Also, when planning your travel dates, book early! Classes start immediately after New Year's day and it is best to get there a day or two in advance so that you can adjust and get settled in. Plan on arriving in Singapore on the 30th or something like that. You won't get any information about accommodation, arrival dates, etc. until the very end so I suggest taking the initiative and start making your own plans."