Sciences Po: Approved Courses

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    • You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX. However, we advise you have room for at least two electives for planning purposes
    • Reference the IBEX Course Guide: What you can or cannot take!
      • You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration
      • Accounting courses cannot be taken for credit toward the Accounting or CPA majors/concentrations
      • All IBEX courses will transfer back to NYU Stern as Pass/Fail
    • Listed below are courses that have been approved and were taken previously by Stern IBEX students.
    • *You are not limited to taking the courses listed on this page!* See below for how to find additional courses.
    • There is no guarantee that the courses listed here will be offered during the specific semester you study abroad. It is important to be flexible - have a Plan A and Plan B and the space to take some electives.
    • If you see a course on Science Po's website that you would like to take, but it is not listed below, you must submit the syllabus to Stern’s International Exchanges & Special Programs team for approval.
    • Once Sciences Po publishes its confirmed courses for the semester you will be attending, you can revise your list as needed based on what is actually being offered.
    • Please refer to the IBEX Course Guide when selecting courses.
    • Sciences Po offers several different types of courses with varying credits:
      • Lecture course: 10 ECTS = 5 NYU credits
      • Seminar course: 5 ECTS = 3 NYU credits
      • Elective course : 5 ECTS = 3 NYU credits
      • Language course: 5 ECTS = 3 NYU credits
      • Artistic workshop: 5 ECTS = 3 NYU credits
    • If you are accepted to IBEX, you will attend individual Academic Advising sessions with the International Programs team to plan and revise your schedule.
    • If a course is already listed here as approved, it does not need to be reviewed again, unless you want to see if it will count towards a new requirement.
    • Please note: The name Sciences Po is an abbreviation of the school's official name: Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Paris Institute of Political Studies). Stern students wishing to take courses at Sciences Po in Paris should be prepared to take Economics, Politics or Elective courses only. Sciences Po's other limited business courses are only available at their satellite campus in Reims. All of the courses listed below are offered at the Paris campus.

Approved Courses

Course Title Abroad NYU Credits Course Equivalent at NYU Semester Taken
12739 French A1 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
12919 Climate Change: Political Intro 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
14189 Economics of the EU 5 Business Economics Elective PLUS 2 Elective credits (Stern) Fall 2015
14278 Age of Economists 3 Business Economics Elective Fall 2015
15702 Foundation of Law 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
15795 From Pre-code Hollywood to Production Code 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
17256 Intro to French Theory 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
17758 History of Paris 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
ADRO1135A EU Competition Law 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2017
AECO 1345A Economics in the European Union 5 Business Economics Elective PLUS 2 Elective credits (Stern) Fall 2013
ASPO 1405A Foundations of Moral and Political Thought 5 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
BAFF 1600A Strategic Studies 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2017
BAFF 1605A Introduction to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2017
BDBA 4290A Theatres of Commitment 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
BECO 1540A International Trade and Globalisation 3 ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business Spring 2017
BECO 1600A Political Economy of Central Banking 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2017
BECO 1620A Law & Economics 3 Business Economics Elective Fall 2016
BECO1505A Introduction to Econometrics 3 Advanced Economics Elective Spring 2015
BECO1600A Political Economy of Central Banking 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2016
BECO1835A International Macroeconomics and Finance 3 ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business Spring 2017
BHUM 1160A Art, History, Gender 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
BHUM 1250A From Paris to New York : The Roman Noir of the 1950s 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
BHUM 1255A Pushing the Limits of Classical Cinema 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
BHUM 1340A Existence, Death and the Meaning of Being Human 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
BSOC 1515A Sociology of Organizations 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2017
BSPO 1255A Social Policies in Europe 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2017
BSPO 1615 Sciences de la paix, sciences du conflit: sortir de la violence politique 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
BSPO 1700A Political Psychology 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2016
CAFF1755 La geopolitique des criminalites 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2015
CCIV 1580 La Gastronomie à la Française 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
CDRO 1255 Les Representations du Droit 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
CECO 1570-0 Approche Pratique de l’entreprise 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2015
CHIS 1830 L’invention de la Syrie: la fabrique d’une nation 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2015
CHUM 1260 Introduction à l’éthique 3 SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility and Leadership (PRL) for 2 credits PLUS 1 elective credit (Stern) (Taught in French) Fall 2015
CSPO 2790 Elections 2017: connaître, comprendre et convaincre les Français 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2015
DAFF 2190A Iran in the International System 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2014
DAFF 2220A Boundaries in Europe: Identities, Cultures and Society 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DAFF2330A Conflicts and regional security in the former Soviet Space 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
DAFF2850A Gender and Development 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2017
DDRO 1750A Intro to Intellectual Property Law 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DECO 1260A Business of Wine in France 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
DECO 1565A International Economic Negotiation 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2013
DECO 1760A Risks in Financial Markets 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2013
DECO 1790A Competition Policy 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2013
DECO 1805A Economic Policies in Emerging Market Countries: Macroeconomics of Development 3 Business Economics Elective Fall 2013
DECO 1860-A Environmental Economics and Policy 3 Elective (Stern) Fall 2015
DECO 1955A World Poverty 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DECO 1990A Circular Economy 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2016
DECO1865A The Age of Economists: A History and a Critique 3 Advanced Economics Elective Fall 2017
DECO1875A Redistribution and Social Welfare 3 Elective (Stern or CAS) Spring 2014
DECO1900 Economics & Ethics 3 SOIM - UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership Fall 2015
DECO1905A Introduction to Econometrics using STATA 3 Advanced Economics Elective Spring 2015
DECO2020A Assessing Business Outlook after the Financial Crisis 3 Advanced Economics Elective - NOT Advanced Finance Elective Fall 2015
DECO2075A Financial Stability 3 Advanced Finance Elective Spring 2017
DECO2095A Development Economics 3 Business Economics Elective Fall 2017
DHIS 2040A A Continent of Peace 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DHIS1985A American Higher Education - History & Debates 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2014
DHUM 1045A Age of Avant Garde in Paris 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
DHUM 1045A Age of the Avant-Garde: Paris 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DHUM 1205A Whiteness in America 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2014
DHUM 1320A Intro to Liberal Thinking 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2016
DSPO 1865A Screening Socialism: Visual Culture in Eastern Europe 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
DSPO 2085A Governing Sustainable Cities 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
DSPO2090 Elective Social Media 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2014
LESP 5301 04 Espagnol moyen/fort (Niveau 3) 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
LFRA 50D0 Francais A1 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2015
LFRA 50D0 Francais Debutant (Niveau 0) 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013
LFRA 51D0 Français A2 3 Elective (CAS) Spring 2016
LFRA 5301 Français moyen/fort (niv.3) 3 French Elective (department consent required) Fall 2014
LFRA 5401 Francais Fort (Niveau 4) 3 Elective (CAS) Fall 2013