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Undergraduate Current Students | Tuition, Housing, and Other Logistics

Tuition, Housing, and Other Logistics

Once you have made the commitment to study abroad with IBEX, you may have some questions about making specific arrangements. Below you will find some helpful logistical information, as well as in the IBEX FAQs.

Tuition and Financial Aid

As an IBEX student (for both semester and summer programs), you will remain matriculated at NYU, pay NYU tuition, and receive your current financial aid package while abroad. However, if you participate in an IBEX summer program you will pay NYU summer tuition. 

If you have questions about your financial aid package or wish to discuss an adjustment for your semester away, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly. It is important to note that your FAFSA form will be due during the spring semester. If you plan to be abroad in the spring, make sure you are aware of all important deadlines and arrange to file the FAFSA form prior to leaving the country.  Note that certain international locations may not be covered by GI Bill benefits.


IBEX Scholarship

As an IBEX applicant, you have the opportunity to apply for a limited number of need-based Stern IBEX scholarships. You must have an updated FAFSA on file with NYU and submit a statement of need as part of the application. If you receive an IBEX scholarship, it will be applied directly to your NYU Bursar's account.  Important note: the NYU Bursar's timeline usually does not line up with when airline tickets and housing need to be paid abroad so you will need to be prepared to pay for these expenses via a different funding source.  

Additional Resources

You are also encouraged to research other scholarship resources. One of the largest scholarship search engines/sites on the web is Fast Web. The NYU Office of Financial Aid maintains a list of scholarship sites as well.

There are also a number of study away-specific resources and scholarships. These include:

Freeman-ASIA awards are an option if you want to study away in East or Southeast Asia, which would include IBEX partner schools National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Yonsei University, Peking University, Chulalongkorn University and Nanyang Technological University.

Partner School Tasks

After you are accepted into the IBEX program in late fall, the Stern IBEX Team will send your name to the appropriate partner school so that they may begin the process of formally accepting you as an exchange student. In the semester before you travel, you will begin to receive direct email communications from your IBEX school, and they will also send you instructions on what you will need to complete in order to enroll in courses, get your student visa and apply for housing. The Stern IBEX Team, as well as the staff at the IBEX partner school, are available to help you throughout the process.


Depending on your partner school as well as your preference, you may reside in on- or off-campus housing while abroad. Please refer to the appropriate IBEX institution website for further information about housing options at each site. You should also ask previous IBEX participants for their advice about where to live. All IBEX students pay for housing abroad. Depending on the type of housing you select, you will make payments directly to your partner school or to the facility where you will be living abroad. Housing payments are not made to NYU for the semester you are abroad with IBEX. Important note: the NYU Bursar's timeline usually does not line up with when housing needs to be paid abroad so you will need to be prepared to pay for this expenses via a different funding source.  

If you are currently residing in NYU housing, you do not need to do anything to opt-out of NYU housing for your semester on IBEX as the Stern IBEX Team will inform the housing office you will be abroad. However, if you wish to return to NYU housing after IBEX you will need to pay attention to the NYU Housing's application deadlines that apply for the semester you will return. 

Academic Calendars

Each IBEX institution has a different academic calendar. You may have an extended winter break or a shorter summer break than NYU. Please check the specific semester dates before finalizing your travel plans!

Summer Internship Recruitment

Some past IBEX students made sure to solidify their internships prior to leaving for their semester abroad, while others were successful in obtaining an internship upon their return. Other students conducted research and were able to confirm an internship while abroad. Review IBEX and Your Career to learn more and talk to Stern students who recently returned from studying abroad on IBEX, as well as NYU Stern's Professional Development & Career Education (PDCE) team and/or the Wasserman Center for Career Development to get additional information and advice about internship recruitment prior to or during your study abroad semester.

Health Insurance

You are required to have a health insurance policy that will cover you for your term abroad in the country you plan on visiting. Your IBEX school may ask you to show proof of coverage or purchase an overseas plan.