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University of Hong Kong: Student Feedback

Hilary Clark - Fall 2012 - HKU

Student Profile

Hilary Clark

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Hong Kong is an amazing city with endless opportunities. The highlights from my semester would have to be competing in a Dragon Boat race, bungee jumping in Macau, and traveling to other Asian countries (South Korea, Taiwan, China).

What I would say to students considering participating in IBEX:
I cannot recommend IBEX highly enough. It was one of the greatest experiences from my time at NYU. IBEX lets you travel all over the world, not just to NYU study abroad sites. It was so refreshing to meet people who are not just in Stern. My friends in Hong Kong were from around the world – the United Kingdom, Estonia, and Australia, just to name a few.

You might be interested to know:

I am a Finance major and BEMT (Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology) minor with a focus in Film.

Contact me about IBEX HKU:
Hilary Clark - hac284@stern.nyu.edu

Additional Feedback from Students


"I continued to use my checking account, paying international fees which were 1% of ATM withdrawals."

"If students would like to avoid these fees or be able to deposit money while abroad, open an account with a bank like HSBC which is located both in New York and Hong Kong."


Housing: $300-$600/semester
Food: $40/week
Local Transportation: $20/week
Books (per semester): $200/semester
Entertainment: $50/week
Phone Calls: "I only used Skype to call home. Calling from Skype account to Skype account is free, and to call regular U.S. phones is about $0.02 per minute."


"I lived in Simon K.Y. Lee Hall, located on the west end of campus. Along with Sire Hall, it was one of only two halls located directly on campus, whereas the others are about a ten to fifteen minute walk away."

"The dorm room was basic, relatively small, but comfortable. It had two beds with drawers underneath, two desks - each with three shelves, and two closets with drawers underneath. Bathrooms are shared at the end of the hall, but are kept very clean."

"Dining halls are located in several of the residence halls, including a few on campus. The selection is wide and the meals are very cheap. Also in Simon K.Y. Lee Hal, there are kitchens on each residence floor, though this is not the case in all the residences."

"Near campus there is a large supermarket called Wellcome, where you can buy almost anything you can buy in a regular American supermarket."


"During the online application process, you will be asked to select courses from a lit of choices on the school's website. However, this process is very flexible once you arrive there, as you can meet with an adviser from the Faculty of Business and Economics to discuss courses. You will also have about two weeks from the time classes start to change your classes online - similar to the process at Stern."

"Academic grading standards are less difficult than Stern's, though coursework and quality are comparable. However this can vary among instructors."

Course Recommendations

"Governing China was a really fascinating course about Chinese politics - both history and contemporary issues - from a notable professor who has studied in the U.S."

Student Life

"Residence hall life will vary based on who your roommate is as well as what other students are on your floor. My roommate was a very curious student from Mainland China, who was a lot of fun to talk with and go out with. At the end of the semester I visited his hometown of Wuhan in central China for a couple of days."

"Student life is very spirited within each residence hall. Athletic teams are based on each hall and competitions are held between each hall. There are also a variety of well advertised social and cultural gatherings and guest speakers on campus."

"It can be difficult to get to know some of the local students if you don't know Cantonese. However, even though I did not know the language, they were very friendly and helpful."

Culture Shock

"Though Hong Kong is still a premier international city where you can get by in English, it can still be tough to communicate. Be prepared for some frustration, but it is minor compared to all of the benefits of the experience."

"It is difficult to get to know the local students because of the language barrier. Though classes are held in English, students speak Cantonese to each other outside of the classroom. Students can read and write English, but their spoken English can vary widely."

"The best part of the experience was meeting so many different people and seeing so many new and exiting things."

Travel Tips

"The University of Hong Kong is located in the heart of Hong Kong and this makes the city much more accessible."

"Traveling is definitely encouraged as Hong Kong is centrally located to both East Asian and Southeast Asian countries."

"Pack lightly. Take only what you need. You can buy a lot of things once you get there for relatively cheap."

"To save time and money, determine where you want to go at the beginning of the semester, then go to the Bank Centre in Mong Kok where there are two floors of travel agencies that compete for discount business. If you plan ahead you can get package deals, which include airfare and hotel for competitive rates."

"Out of all the places I traveled in Asia, Hong Kong was my favorite. It offers the greatest diversity of cultures and experiences and is a great introduction for anyone who has never been to Asia."

"Travel and be open to new experiences. Some of the first friends I met were in a grocery store. It's a matter of staying open and getting outside your comfort zone."

Restaurant, Club and Shopping Suggestions

"Most bars and clubs are located in either Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai."

"Lan Kwai Fong is, in my opinion, cleaner and more lively with a ton of international travelers and students. D'Aguilar Street is the main street with bars up and down both sides."

"Soho is near Lan Kwai and has a lot of great international restaurants. Soho Spice was my favorite. Wan Chai is a little seedier, but still very safe and a lot of fun to go out."

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