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About University of Manchester Business School

"The University of Manchester was created in October 2004 by bringing together The Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST, two of Britain's most distinguished universities, to create a powerful new force in British Higher Education. Twenty Nobel Prize winners have either studied or conducted some of their work here, including Ernest Rutherford who is known for his work on splitting the atom. The University of Manchester has about 25,600 students and is home to around 7,400 international students from 180 countries. There are 10,407 staff employed by the University of Manchester, including more than 4,500 academic and research staff to provide you with a stimulating learning environment and the highest standard of teaching. The University has teaching and research in more subjects than any other single-site British university. Our academic structure offers you more choices and is more responsive to your needs. Situated in the heart of Manchester, the campus has a mixture of traditional Victorian buildings and more modern architecture that sit comfortably alongside each other creating an exciting and eclectic environment." - University of Manchester

Term Dates

  • Fall Semester: Mid-September - Early January (students can arrange to complete courses in December)
  • Spring Semester: Late January - Early June
Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

Approximate Living Expenses

  • Accommodations: Students attending for one semester only will not be able to choose a specific Hall or the type of accommodation but can indicate a preference between a Self-Catered or a Catered Hall. Students should bear in mind that the cost could vary from between £50 - £120 per week.
  • Food: Students should expect to spend £30-£50 per week but this may vary according to personal requirements.
  • Books & Course Materials: approximately £180 per semester
  • Local Transportation: approximately £11 per week
  • Personal Expenses: approximately £175 per week
Note: £ = British Pounds

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Did You Know?

The University of Manchester has 25 Nobel-Prize winners including individuals who started the computer revolution in 1948 with a machine that ran its first stored program

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