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Manchester Business School: Student Feedback

Jocelyn Chen - Manchester - Fall 2011

Student Profile

Jocelyn Chen

Highlight of my semester abroad:
Manchester was an absolutely amazing experience, getting to experience both what it is like to go to school in a “student” city and really getting immersed in British culture and everyday life as a Uni student. It was a great departure from NYU while still getting an amazing education.

Interesting fact I learned about the country where I studied:
Manchester was the city where Roll and Royce met, and the first inter-city passenger train launched from Manchester.

What I would say to students interested in participating in IBEX:
IBEX is more than just studying abroad or traveling or whatnot – it is a life-changing experience. You get to truly immerse yourself in another world with a variety of excellent partner schools that all encourage you to take on a broader, more international perspective on business.

Contact me about IBEX Manchester:
Jocelyn Chen - jwc344@stern.nyu.edu

Additional Feedback from Students


Money/Expenses: Brought $5000

Travel Costs

Airline ticket: Approximately $250 USD (cost varies according to season and airline)
Transportation from airport to campus - Taxi (15 British pounds)


Provided by Housing Office, found out about housing before arrival
Monthly cost: $300 USD
On-campus, fully furnished, dorm style or flat (apartment) system, where you live with 8 other people, but each person has their own flat.
Ate out & cooked own meals


Workload: Easier than at Stern
Grading: Harder than at Stern
Classroom Climate: Lecture and small discussion groups (like recitations at NYU)
Teaching Style: A combination of lectures and discussions
Course Content: They were too theoretical for business classes. They did not reinforce the practical implications of the theories and I felt the studies were too generalized.

Student Life

"The students were friendly and helpful. Lots of opportunities to meet students in the dorms, at parties, student socials, and school events."

"We received an orientation (about one hour long) about history of the institution, how the university systems work and some tour information. It also covered academic issues and social activities."

What You Should Bring

"If you are going during the winter, make sure to bundle up. Bring lots of warm clothes because you will be needing them even in May."

"Power converters. Everything there runs on 220V, and make sure to purchase the correct plug head; it is actually different from the one in London."

"Bring a laptop! Although it may not be crucial for school work, you may find that you miss the Internet."

"Resumes. Try sending them to companies in London. This is a perfect opportunity to secure employment there."

"ATM Cards and Credit Cards"

Course Recommendations

"Decision Modeling (may be challenging)"

Culture Shock

"It was an incredible experience that puts a lot into perspective. Everyone should do it if given the opportunity. Manchester is such a laid-back, beautiful city. It was amazing."

Sites Not to Miss


Restaurant Suggestions

"Try Shere Khan or Darbar at Rusholme"

Fast Facts