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As the medical profession becomes increasingly complex, physicians are no longer engaged solely in clinical care or research. They must also be involved in the business of medicine.

The MD/MBA dual degree represents a partnership between NYU Stern and the NYU School of Medicine. At a time when the benefits of interdisciplinary academic programs are increasingly evident, the MD/MBA program promises to create new ways of approaching the medical and business issues of the 21st century.

An MBA provides essential management education that facilitates physicians' understanding of the larger impact the business of healthcare has on patient care, as well as how the specific clinical setting in which they work may impact their own patients. An MBA also provides essential skills to physicians contemplating opening a private practice or starting a business. Other career options for MD/MBA students are wide ranging and may include becoming a medical director, a consultant to pharmaceutical companies or a director of a public healthcare agency.

Admission to the MD/MBA Program

For the 2018 NYU Stern Dual Degree application, please visit the Dual Degree page.

Applicants to the MD/MBA Dual Degree Program must currently be third year full-time students at the NYU School of Medicine. Candidates must complete the NYU Stern Dual Degree Application Supplement by the MD/MBA application deadline.

MD/MBA dual degree applicants must use NYU Stern's dual degree application. They cannot apply using the Consortium application or NYU Stern's MBA application.

Program Structure

The dual MD/MBA degree takes five years to complete, representing a savings of one year compared to the length of time required to earn the two degrees separately.

Students enroll in the School of Medicine on a full-time basis for the first three years before taking a dedicated year to enroll full-time at Stern to begin the MBA program. Enrollment at Stern begins in the fourth year and extends through the fall and spring semesters. Students then return to the medical school for the summer and fall of the fifth year, followed by a final semester of MBA coursework in the spring of the fifth year. Students are awarded the MD in May of the fifth year and the MBA upon successful completion of the final semester of the program. To view a sample schedule, visit the MBA Academic Affairs website.

Tuition & Financial Aid

MD/MBA students pay full tuition and fees at the school through which they are registered each semester. If a student exceeds the maximum number of per-semester credits and/or courses permitted by the school in which she/he is registered, the tuition and fees for the additional credits must be paid to that school.

All applicants admitted to Stern are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships. The School of Medicine offers scholarships that are primarily need-based. Both schools offer a variety of loan programs.

View information on Stern MBA financial aid and School of Medicine financial aid.

Career Services

Students are encouraged to take advantage of all career counseling and placement services at both Stern and the School of Medicine throughout the dual degree program. It is expected that MD/MBA students will pursue the typical medical residency application process during the fifth year of the program; however, those who have an interest in pursuing a career in business may utilize career services at Stern.

As MD/MBA students have required medical clinical work during the summer between the fourth and fifth year of the program, they are not eligible to participate in MBA summer internship recruiting. Students who wish to have access to on-campus recruiting for permanent (full-time) positions upon graduation must complete the Ignite program, offered by Stern's Office of Career Development (OCD). The program must be completed during the first full year at Stern.

All dual degree students have access to Stern alumni and Stern-specific job postings beginning in the first fall semester of enrollment at Stern.

Learn more about Stern MBA career services and School of Medicine career advising.

Student Life

MD/MBA students are encouraged to become active in campus life at both schools. There are dozens of student clubs and organizations at both Stern and the School of Medicine.

Student Profile

MD-MBA Profile Pic - Brent Dibble 150x115
Brent Dibble, MD/MBA 2015

"My first year at Stern was a refreshing experience that reminded me how to be creative and taught me additional frameworks..." read more

Application Information

  • The GMAT/GRE requirement is waived for MD/MBA applicants (only the MCAT is required)