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Financing the MBA

The NYU Stern Executive MBA program is a significant investment in your future.

There are a number of ways to finance your Executive MBA education, and we encourage you to investigate them all thoroughly.

Corporate Tuition Reimbursement Programs

Some students may receive full or partial sponsorship from their employers.  Students receiving financial sponsorship from their employers are expected to manage the reimbursement relationship individually with their companies. If admitted to the Executive MBA program, applicants are responsible for paying the tuition deposit by the specified deposit deadline and tuition payment by our specified tuition payment deadline.

Executive MBA Scholarships

Each year, the NYU Stern Executive MBA program offers a limited number of Executive MBA scholarships to applicants receiving partial or no financial sponsorship. In addition, other outside scholarships may be available to you based upon your qualifications toward their criteria.

Financial Aid

There are a number of federal and private loan options available to Executive MBA students.

NYU Stern Loan Assistance Program 

NYU Stern, with support from its Social Enterprise Association MBA club, has established a Loan Assistance Program. The Program seeks to lessen the financial burden of repaying business school loans among graduates who pursue career paths in social enterprise. These careers often have smaller compensation packages than traditional MBA tracks. The Loan Assistance Program supports the School's mission to develop leaders who create value for business and society.

Interested MBA graduates may apply annually, within the first 10 years of graduation, for consideration. Eligibility and selection are determined by the NYU Stern Graduate Financial Aid Office, and benefits are distributed on a funds-available basis. All determinations are final. The School reserves the right to restructure the program or eliminate the program at any time without notice. For more information on how to apply for funds, deadlines, and eligible organizations, please visit the Loan Assistance Program page.