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Why Business Analytics at NYU Stern?

The NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics is the only premier global degree program of its kind—it is designed for senior level professionals who are focused on the intersection of business strategy and data science. 

The Stern program teaches students both to understand the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and to leverage data as a strategic asset. The program is designed for students interested in gaining knowledge in quantitative and technical methods as well as further developing their strategic and business management skills.

The MS in Business Analytics is a one year, part-time program divided into five on-site class sessions (modules). This part-time format not only reduces office leave, but also allows students to apply learning in real time, creating a positive impact on job performance immediately.

NYU Stern is both a top-rated business school and one of the world’s leading research institutions. Our world-renowned faculty members are global thought leaders, industry veterans, strategic advisors, and creators of new knowledge, and all are experts in teaching experienced professionals.

The NYU Stern experience is a global one. Not only do our students come from diverse international backgrounds, but we also believe in harnessing the energy of global hubs. Two of the five MS in Business Analytics modules occur outside of NYU Stern in global rotating locations, allowing students to expand their international network of valuable peers and contacts.

Our highly accomplished and diverse alumni and student body reside throughout the world. Upon completion of the program, graduates will join more than 100,000 Stern alumni working in over 125 countries.

Learn more about the program in the below video.

NYU Stern MS in Business Analytics Video