Sarah Rubin, MBA 2018 
SRWhether watching Saturday Night Live clips on YouTube or visiting Walt Disney World for family celebrations, entertainment and media has always been my passion. These worlds create a platform for society to discuss issues by learning from storytelling and the human experience. Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” After three years of working in the retail industry, I enrolled at NYU Stern to switch my career path to the entertainment and media industry.

Stern has truly been the perfect place for me to pursue my goals. The Office of Career Development helped me create a non-traditional recruiting strategy, including connecting with alumni in the media industry and visiting various companies with the Entertainment, Media, and Sports Association. I attended knowledge management sessions hosted by second year students who had experience in television, film, music, and sports to learn about industry trends. Over winter break, I traveled to California on the Entertainment and Media Los Angeles Trek and was given unprecedented access to elite firms in the entertainment space and an opportunity to network with alumni on the west coast.

After many coffee chats, interviews, and meetings with the Office of Career Development, I was offered an internship at Hulu on the Distribution/Strategic Partnerships team. In my second year at Stern, I am serving as the Executive Vice President for our Student Government, acting as a key voice for the student body by partnering with administrators and overseeing 800 students. I am also grateful to be a Career Mentor to help new students craft out their recruiting strategies for the entertainment and media industry. 

Stan Grayson, MBA 2018
SGBefore Stern, I had career pit stops in three different industries: Finance, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare. After graduating from Wesleyan University, I started my career in finance at Barclay’s Capital, eventually transitioning to a smaller bank, the Cowen Group. From there I transitioned to an entrepreneurial endeavor with Domino’s Pizza, in which I owned and managed stores in the greater Baltimore area. After divesting from that opportunity, I spent the last 3 years before Stern in the healthcare investment arena, advising hedge funds and private equity firms on their healthcare transactions. I came to Stern wanting to leverage my unique set of industry and functional experiences in my post-graduate career and with that in mind, I decided to pursue management consulting.
A constant presence in OCD, I utilized every formal resource: mock interviews, Alumni Casing Day, career counseling, etc. coupled with informal conversations and decompression sessions with everyone in the office throughout my MBA1 recruiting cycle. While I didn’t get the internship I originally set out for, OCD helped me weigh my options and I ultimately ended up at Facebook for the summer.
When I returned in the fall, I was exhausted at the prospect of re-recruiting for consulting, but OCD connected me with alumni that had successfully done so, and re-invigorated me to continue on my initial path. The Office of Career Development helped me navigate the recruiting process successfully my second time around and I landed a full-time role at Bain & Company. The OCD team was an amazing resource for me as I sought employment and as I transition into a new phase in my career, I will “pay it forward” by volunteering my time as an alum and becoming a resource to them.

Cristina Brennan, MBA 2018
CBPrior to coming to Stern, I worked for six years in advertising in New York City, focusing primarily on healthcare. While I enjoyed my work, I realized I wanted to drive a larger impact on the brands I was working on. Through my clients, I was exposed to the role of brand management and felt that it would be a transition that would allow me to continue to work in marketing, but expose me to everything that impacts a brand, as well as empower me to drive growth and make decisions. I decided to apply to business school to transition to brand management and expand my business education, specifically to strengthen my analytical skills.
Once at Stern, the Office of Career Development (OCD) helped with narrowing the scope of consumer packaged goods companies and targeting the companies that best represented my interests and what I was looking for. They also helped me craft my resume, and go through mock interviews to best prepare me. MBA internship interviews are very different from the agency industry and OCD helped me tremendously in how to position myself and my strengths.

This past summer, I interned at Colgate-Palmolive in brand management. It was a fulfilling 10-week internship that ultimately led to a full-time offer. There is an active Stern alumni network within the company - all of which made me feel welcome and helped me throughout the summer. My Stern classes helped prepare me for a successful internship and continue to prepare me for my full-time role. I look forward to being an active alum and helping future Stern students, as many have done for me. 

Sheri Holt, MBA 2018
SHPeople are my passion and I endeavored to understand their needs and how to meet them well before I joined the NYU Stern community.  After completing my B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown University, I pursued a career in hospitality, working as a General Manager for a local restaurant group in Washington, D.C. There, I was able to focus on creating curated guest experiences and listening and responding to wants. 
I enrolled at NYU Stern to bolster my business acumen and to hone in on the study of leadership and organizations; yet, NYU Stern has given me so much more.  Leveraging the brilliant and distinctive student body, I co-founded and co-host Stern’s first student podcast, Stern Chats. The podcast surpassed 10,000 unique downloads within six months of premiering and has listeners in over 30 countries. I look forward to the production integrating even further into the community, carried on by future Sternies.
The Office of Career Development (OCD) has also been instrumental, not only in supporting Stern Chats, but also helping me find and align my future career goals. The structured and methodical tools for recruitment, coupled with countless hours of coaching, aided in my search for a role in Human Resources. I am thrilled to be joining CitiGroup in their HR Leadership Development Program, after finishing a rewarding summer with the firm.  This role is the natural next step in my pursuit of serving fellow coworkers, peers and clients.
As a board member of Stern Women in Business and an officer in Student Government, I aim to “pay it forward,” working with MBA1s as they navigate this astounding experience.  I am grateful to NYU Stern for providing the resources necessary for my relaunch into the workforce, as well as building a community of close friends from which I draw enormous energy and inspiration.

Chris Larsen, MBA 2018
CLAfter serving in the US Army as an Infantry officer for eight years, my plan was to transition directly into a business career that would be as challenging and fulfilling. After three years in the oil and gas industry, working on upstream and midstream infrastructure projects, I recognized that I wanted a broader business experience across different functions and industries. Primarily for this reason, I started down the path towards becoming a management consultant. During this process I found Stern, and on my second application attempt, was accepted into the full-time program.

From the beginning of the program, which for me started the summer of 2016, it was evident that the administration and staff were both dedicated and passionate about making sure I was well positioned for success in my studies, student leadership positions, and recruiting. From structured workshops on how to effectively deliver your elevator pitch, to in depth one-on-one discussions about the correct way to navigate the consulting recruiting process, I always felt that my career and academic pursuits were a top priority to the Office of Career Development (OCD).

With the industry and relationship management knowledge of OCD, as well as the help from my fellow classmates and the MBA class above me, I was successful in navigating the consulting recruiting process and interned at McKinsey & Company in their Operations practice. Upon returning from my summer internship, OCD once again facilitated the offer navigation process, and helped me talk through the short and long-term implications of my career decision.

With all the support I received during my recruiting journey I felt great giving back to the Stern community in a greater capacity my second year. As a co-president of the Management Consulting Club (MCA) and an active member of the Military Veterans Club, I hope to continue to facilitate the process for others while building strong bonds with my classmates.

Farah Karim, MBA 2018
FKPrior to business school, I spent 5 years working in consulting focused on financial services clients. I was able to hone my project management skills, manage different stakeholders and work with global teams. While I learned a lot in consulting, a lot of what I was doing was operational in nature, and I realized there was something missing in my work. I wanted to understand how businesses make decisions and improve their businesses. I also wanted to work with a tangible product, and within an industry I was passionate about. That is why I came to NYU Stern.
I am thankful that Stern's Office of Career Development gave me the tools to succeed in non-traditional recruiting. While most students pursuing consulting, banking or brand management have company presentations and set events on campus, non-traditional recruiting requires more networking and a lot of moral support. The Office of Career Development introduced me to alumni pursuing careers in retail who had a similar background to me in the fall. I also attended knowledge management sessions, breakfasts and networking sessions in the spring semester through the Office of Career Development focused on Luxury & Retail. I also attended office hours whenever I had the chance to make sure I was on the right track.
After many coffee chats and interviews, I landed my internship at Fresh, which is part of LVMH. At Fresh, I helped create a customer experience strategy to retain existing customers, re-engage relapsed customers and attract new customers. I achieved the goals I had set at the beginning of the year, and I also had the opportunity to work with a Stern MBA, who made my experience this summer even more valuable.

Kelli Greenberg, MBA 2017
Prior to enrolling at Stern, I worked for over three years as a market research consultant providing insights to the marketing and sales teams of consumer goods manufacturers.  I loved helping my clients and planned to continue working in marketing and sales, but I wanted to get broader exposure to different business issues and industries.  As a result, I decided to pursue a career in management consulting.
I am so thankful to Stern for giving me the tools I needed to successfully recruit for a management consulting summer internship. During the fall semester, I cased with second-year MBAs and my fellow first-year MBAs, participated in mentor sessions and casing boot camps through the Management Consulting Association (MCA), and attended the Office of Career Development's interview and resume preparation meetings. I also organized several consulting corporate recruiting events for Stern Women in Business (SWIB). 
After an intense yet rewarding first semester, I secured my top choice summer internship with McKinsey & Company in the firm's Marketing & Sales practice in New York. I am looking forward to returning to the firm next year as a full-time Associate, as well as serving as a Career Mentor and "paying forward" the support and guidance that I received as a first-year MBA student.  I am also excited to serve as co-president of Stern Women in Business, a popular MBA student club, this year and to empower and prepare women to successfully recruit for careers in highly competitive industries. I am truly grateful to Stern for providing me with the resources to transition into management consulting.  

Munashe Makava, MBA 2017
I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where I worked in Deloitte’s audit department for 7.5 years. The last 10 months of those years were spent as the Head of Finance at a Zimbabwean asset management firm.
After spending my entire life in Zimbabwe, I took a giant leap by coming to live in New York and attend Stern, with the hope of transitioning to a career on Wall Street. Naturally, I needed significant guidance navigating recruiting, especially considering the cultural differences in conduct and communication style. Stern paired me with an international second-year student for one-on-one coaching and resume review. I also received additional guidance through the Graduate Finance Association MBA club and the Office of Career Development’s workshops, some of which were specifically for international students.
Many times during recruiting I experienced scheduling conflicts and general anxiety. The OCD team was always available to talk about it and help me through any recruiting challenges that arose. All of this guidance helped me to secure the perfect internship in the Investment Banking Department at Goldman Sachs.

Anne Gregory, MBA 2017
For nearly two decades, classical music was the love of my life. I graduated from the New England Conservatory with a BA in flute performance, and then followed a passion for music education by working with arts nonprofits for the next 5 years. My decision to enroll at NYU Stern was fueled by an excitement for exploring industries beyond the arts – so when I chose to recruit for brand management, I was faced with a tough challenge: how to tell my story in a way that would resonate with a for-profit audience, and demonstrate my “fit” for a role in marketing. 
The Office of Career Development (OCD) was a true partner throughout the process. The team helped me identify relevant strengths, and then reframe my skills into a for-profit context. Following their advice, I scheduled meetings with MBA2s who had completed marketing internships, networked with industry alumni, and attended as many career-sponsored activities as possible. Stern’s Graduate Marketing Association MBA club was a fantastic resource, with the mentoring sessions and annual conference serving as cornerstones of my preparation process. After months of career events, coffee chats and mock interviews, I was offered an internship with the Colgate-Palmolive marketing team here in New York City. It was an amazing experience, and I am thrilled at the prospect of pursuing a career in brand management post-Stern.
Thanks to the Office of Career Development, I achieved a successful transition from arts nonprofits to brand management, and have come away from the entire experience knowing more about myself as both a professional and as a person.  As a soon-to-be Career Mentor in Fall 2016, I am excited to give back to the Stern community by helping MBA1s prepare for their own recruitment journeys. 

Bart Rosenthal, MBA 2017
Before Stern, I spent five years as an energy trader working on building and optimizing physical natural gas portfolios. Although I enjoyed honing my analytical skills and decision-making abilities in that role, I knew long term I wanted to pursue a career in the Technology space. Making such a big industry switch can seem daunting at first, but Stern’s career resources put those feelings to rest.
At Stern, I took advantage of numerous Office of Career Development (OCD) events that welcomed companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook to campus. Additionally, I was paired up with an MBA2 mentor who helped to perfect my resume and interviewing skills. The Entertainment, Media, and Technology Association (EMTA) also had great networking events and strategy sessions to learn more about the industry.
Something that really stands out is the strength and accessibility to alumni. I met with numerous Sternies at tech companies throughout the semester, all within walking distance of campus. This past summer I interned with Facebook and developed an analytics program to measure the pre-release health of new products. I look forward to serving as a career mentor throughout my second year here at Stern and helping students accomplish their professional goals.

Zuha Qazi, MBA 2017
Zuha Headshot
I grew up on Long Island and I knew that I wanted to live in New York City for the long-term. So after going to college in Boston, I moved back to New York and joined KPMG as part of their Economic and Valuation Services practice. While I enjoyed my job and loved my team, I realized I wanted to advise my clients at a higher level. After researching, I figured out that investment banking offered me the different things I was looking for in a career – client service, transformational transactions, and a greater emphasis on finance.
After deciding that investment banking was the right next step for me, I decided that business school was the right way for me to get there. Applying to Stern was a natural choice. Stern has a long history of excellence in Finance and has great relationships with investment banking firms. The recruiting process is daunting but being in New York makes it that much easier. You get a much more informed perspective on a bank or a team when you can spend more time dropping by and getting to know them in-person vs. the one-off phone call.
More importantly, New York has an energy that just cannot be replicated, and is the epicenter of business. Being in New York helps Stern attract interesting professors and speakers to campus. For instance, Daniel Schwartz, the young CEO of Burger King, stopped by campus. James Gorman, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, dropped in to Stern as well during my recruiting season. Listening to him talk about the world economy and how he intended to lead Morgan Stanley forward was invaluable at that point in the process, but particularly since I spent my summer with Morgan Stanley and will be re-joining them after graduation. These kinds of speakers and drop-ins only work when you’re in a city that either already has all these business leaders or is a frequent stop for CEOs—New York is both.

Andrew Gouge, MBA 2016
AGBorn and raised in Sydney Australia, I moved to New York City in 2010 to work for an engineering consulting firm. I enjoyed engineering work but realized my passion for solving problems extended beyond technical solutions. I was also interested in long-term impact, business strategy and financial results.
Interested in a career shift, I came to NYU Stern to develop the skills that would allow me to confidently address a broader array of business issues. The class electives at Stern bolstered my business and management skills, specifically in the areas of finance and strategy. Involvement in the Stern Consulting Corps, an experiential learning program that places students into short-consulting positions with New York City-based organizations, provided the opportunity for me to work with a client to address its corporate communication strategy while receiving close guidance from Stern professors and industry partners.
With the support of the Office of Career Development and the network of Stern alumni, I was able to secure an MBA summer internship with a top management consulting firm. This internship ultimately led to a full-time job. My time at Stern gave me the opportunity to make a career transition from engineering to management consulting. It also connected me to a diverse global network of professionals with whom I will interact for the rest of my career and life.

Lauren Panariello, MBA 2016LP
After three years as a journalist, primarily for women’s fashion magazines, I came to Stern with the goal of transitioning into management consulting. I had a strong background in research, problem solving, and synthesizing new data for an audience, but I knew the true challenge in securing a consulting role would be communicating these transferable skills to employers.

In order to identify the most effective ways to make such a career transition, I leveraged the vast array of resources Stern makes available to MBA candidates. I spoke with second-year MBA students who had made similar career changes, and conducted informational interviews with many alumni who were working successfully in the field. I also worked closely with Office of Career Development (OCD) career coaches and Management Consulting Association (MCA) mentors to refine my story and resume to best reflect the consulting-relevant experiences I had accumulated prior to enrolling at Stern.

After a full semester of Stern-facilitated interview preparation, corporate presentations, and casing workshops, I secured a consulting internship with my first-choice firm: Deloitte Consulting. I completed an educational and exhilarating 10-week summer internship with the firm, and I will be returning full time after graduation. In my second-year, as an OCD Career Mentor, I am helping other career-changers to secure consulting roles, and I look forward to further contributing to the Stern community as a dedicated alumnus.

Alexis Rodriguez, MBA 2016
AR I was born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to the United States to attend the University of Florida, and graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree. I worked at Siemens as an engineer for nine years, and came to Stern to transition into the finance industry.

As a career switcher, I needed a lot of guidance to recruit for investment banking internships, and I received support at Stern inside and outside of the classroom. Academically, my classes helped me understand the financial concepts required to solve complex problems that I encountered during my internship. Outside of the classroom, student clubs like the Graduate Finance Association and the Stern Energy Club helped prepare me for the recruiting process. I also took advantage of extracurricular coaching programs offered by the Office of Career Development that helped me refine my story and navigate the internship application process. 

After recruiting, I was able to secure an amazing summer internship at Credit Suisse in the Power and Renewables group, which helped synthesize my pre-Stern experience as an electrical engineer with my education at Stern. During the internship, I also benefited from the full support of the Stern alumni network at the bank. Alums working in the bank were open to answering any questions I had and helping me at any time. Upon graduation, I will return to Credit Suisse, and look forward to helping other Stern students achieve their career goals in the future.